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CuteLori 03-10-2011 01:48 AM

Fresno Monsters
Well it looks like hockey will be dead in Fresno after a blotched season by an inept coach and GM, Eric Ballard. The WSHL team also ate the farm under the guidance of washed up wanna be, Jay Johnson. What a shame, Fresno has a multi-decade history of hockey and to think it took these two drunken dolts to bring it all to an end. For more information on Eric Ballard go to: http://fresnodirt.blogspot.com/ This outlines Ballards drunk driving charges, law suits against him for ripping off sponsors... funny he only manages to spend around one season in each town before he has to sneak out of town under the cover of dark. Jay Johnson is another story... this bloated drunk has the brains of bag of dog **** and a personality to match. I give Jay credit, he does have a sharp temper and quick to fight... not due to skill but because of a lack of ability to reason. This post will most likely get deleted but for the few that get to read it I thought it important that the morals and abilities of the people leading the good young men of minor league hockey should be exposed for the gutter snipes that they are.

IZZY 04-20-2011 08:12 PM

Fresno monsters
You are so right , I want to hear about the kids they have sent on to college . Not one announcement that I know of . Thomas Freeman , listed as hopes to play college hockey. These two nutsacks in Fresno have no idea how to communicate with college scouting . Do not send players to Fresno . look at all the roster moves Ballard made , he'll sell your son down the road for a few bucks to help the f'up budget .
Johnson should stick to the pro shop . Ballard back to under the rock he crawled out of and ended up in Fresno . Brye Dale , what a joke , ask Steelheads about there experience with Johnson and Dale in Fresno @Gateway . Monsters showed themselves as a classless organization . Ballard tells players fight , fight , the fans want it , this is a business . Kids who never fought in there life , how many broken fingers and hands , last year , Ballard brought a old Falcon , thats all thats left , to teach them how to fight , not play hockey , fight . Weres the Fresno Monster that fought everygame last year ? , can not remember his name , he blew as d-man , but he fought and fans liked it . Monsters want control of the youth program in Fresno now . Wait and see

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