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nksports 09-29-2014 03:30 PM

I wouldn't hold my breath on Fort Worth unless it was a brand new entity. The current FW ownership was booted from the AA because of financial issues and nearly folded a couple of seasons ago when they bounced a check for baseballs. All of which is sad because they used to be a model franchise for indy baseball.

Sharks52 10-05-2014 12:59 PM

Actually I wouldn't hold my breath on any of them. If I was a betting man I'd bet on six Atlantic League teams in 2016 unless the economics of Camden and Bridgeport really turn around next year.
I think there was a reason the AL recently moved their headquarters from Camden to Lancaster.

toad455 10-05-2014 10:19 PM

I think the main reason Virginia Beach got pushed out of the 2015 was that the league didn't want to bring back the RoadWarriors. Without another Texas team, it would force the league to be uneven. If the league still doesn't have another Texas team by 2016, Virginia Beach may simply replace Bridgeport.

Sharks52 10-07-2014 02:19 PM

To my knowledge the Neptunes haven't even broken ground yet on the stadium. Do they have financing yet? Maybe somebody can update us as the website has had nothing since April, not a good sign.

TrumpetGuy 06-21-2015 10:18 AM

Re: Virginia Beach
I would think that Virginia Beach would be in direct competition with the Norfolk Tides. Not being from around there... I wonder if the area would have enough of a population base to support both teams.

crixus 10-05-2015 06:38 PM

Virginia Beach won't begin play until 2017. The team owner told me that in response to an email I sent him. I was surprised that I even got an answer. Overall, the Atlantic League is doing well with it's current 8 team lineup. And with two more teams New Britain and Virginia Beach in the plans over the next two years, things will get even better! :)

toad455 10-21-2015 10:57 PM

so Camden relocates to New Britian for 2016 and likely Bridgeport relocates to Virginia Beach for 2017. Such a shame the Atlantic League can't expand past 8 teams.

toad455 10-27-2015 10:49 AM

considering the schedule was just posted for the 2016 season, Camden folding & New Britian joining was likely in the works back in July.

toad455 04-20-2016 09:10 AM

Bridgeport's final season in Atlanta League??


does the league keep Bridgeport until Virginia Beach is ready?? Or does the league finally have another Texas team ready to start in 2017?? A shame the league didn't want to keep Camden & now possibly Bridgeport. With Virginia Beach and another Texas team, the league would be at 11 teams for 2017.

DJ Omnimaga 06-08-2016 09:48 PM

Shame that Camden folded. I thought they weren't doing bad. I wonder if they actually just suspended operations to rejoin the league later or if they could simply join another league (such as the Can-Am) for the 2017 season if they reach an agreement for the stadium? And are there still chances that Bridgeport moves to the Can-Am? I think I recall reading stories about this a few years ago.

However, if jumping to the Can-Am happened then I would hope they won't do like the Newark Bears or something.

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