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Conversation Between phydeaux72 and Caballo Diablo
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  1. phydeaux72
    07-07-2009 03:46 PM
    I'm not a coach, so I don't keep up with scouting reports. However, I wouldn't count on anything special out of David Bowie. He is a horrible QB. He was released to make room for wide receiver/back-up QB Randy Hymes. After Carter let Abilene down on Saturday by deciding at the last minute that he didn't feel like playing the game, Hymes took over at the QB spot. He was a bit rusty but performed relatively well under the circumstances, especially considering he hasn't played QB since he graduated from Grambling. As far as Bowie is concerned, he would serve as a below average backup at best.
  2. Caballo Diablo
    07-07-2009 01:10 PM
    Caballo Diablo
    What's the scouting report on QB David Bowie? He signed with the SIFL Texas Hurricanes yesterday and is the only QB they've got listed on tonights active roster.
    It seems strange they would release both of their QB's and go with a new one the day after signing him. Bishop is gone on personal/family business and possibly their backup is injured. it just seems strange.

    according to an article Bowie lost his job to QC and now they're both gone. What's up?
    Do you think Bowie can do well tonight with no practice in the system or familiarity with the WR's? I'll be at the game. Thanks

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