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Conversation Between Dan K and PrimeTimeplayers1991
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  1. PrimeTimeplayers1991
    07-06-2014 06:12 PM
    Hey Dan,
    The UMBL will be playing this summer but that league isnt structured like most Minor Leagues. They play showcase games vs the teams that I've sent to them over the last 3 seasons and we will continue to help them when they need dates filled. Last season they got tied up with the Fayetteville Shipmen and Mike Dixon who came on board along with the CBL teams the Garner Grey Hawks and the Raleigh Rough Riders then games where being canceled by these teams. Larry does the UMBL as a Christian Outreach Ministries, his organization is run the right way and I like the guy and will work with him as long as they continue to play. I moved to ECBL to have a league ran by the owners so we cantinue to be successful and not have individuals make the decesions for entire league. We will have 8-10 teams in ECBL and will be up on www.usbasket.com as well. If you have any questions fill free to contact me at any time. chris thomas 803-554-9286

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