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The purpose of this page is to help collectors locate those hard to find items. In addition, I will post buy, sell and trade messages for memorabilia from the WFL, WLAF and the Arena League, since many USFL collectors are also interested in those leagues. Remember, though, that this is not a commercial site and is only intended to help collectors find what they're looking for. The items below are offered by or sought by individual collectors. Unless another address appears beside an item, it is offered by me, Paul Reeths, and you can contact me for details. Please do not email me asking an item's value. There isn't any price guide, and generally these things are worth exactly what someone else is willing to pay for them. For those items not offered by me, it is up to you to determine authenticity before purchasing. If you're in search of something or willing to part with something from these leagues, email me, and I'll post the message along with your email address. This is a volunteer effort, though, so sometimes it takes awhile for the page to be updated.

For Sale

League Guides and Yearbooks

1983 Philadelphia Stars Yearbook $40
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Uniforms and Equipment

1989 Saskatchewan Rroughrider Grey Cup game jersey #32-Milson Jones $400.00
Will trade jersey for Saskatchewan Roughrider #36 Ridgway jersey
Riddell USFL helmets, Chicago Blitz in original box - $135, Jacksonville Bulls -$120, shipping is $8 USPS

USFL helmets
ARIZONA OUTLAWS: t-cage mask, light use-$350.00
MEMPHIS SHOWBOATS: WR style mask, light use-$350.00
JACKSONVILLE BULLS: used by GRIFFIN, WR style mask-$400.00
BALTIMORE STARS: t-cage mask, light use-$400.00
MICHIGAN PANTHERS: used by safety #31 GREENWOOD -$400.00
CHICAGO BLITZ: recertified 1983 used '84, red mask-$350.00
BIRMINGHAM STALLIONS: t-cage mask, very light use-$300.00
OAKLAND INVADERS: t-cage mask, BAUM written inside, 1983-$350.00
L.A. EXPRESS: used by #83, WR style mask-$350.00
TAMPA BAY BANDITS: #5, t-cage mask, USFL decal placed on lower left shell after use-$300.00
PORTLAND BREAKERS: used by #53 MIKE McLAUGHLIN, cage mask-$395.00
HOUSTON GAMBLERS: cage mask, missing chinstrap, recert. 1984-$350.00
ARIZONA WRANGLERS: used by #29 TED WALTON JR., heavy use-$350.00
PITTSBURGH MAULERS: Used by #50 EARNEST ADAMS, heavy vision cage-$500.00
ORLANDO RENEGADES: used by #70, heavy cage mask, tons of use-$500.00
SAN ANTONIO GUNSLINGERS: used by #25 VIC MINOR, missing jawpads-$350.00
WASHINGTON FEDERALS: white Bike, team issued, heavy cage mask-$250.00
DENVER GOLD:used by #74 DOUG MIKOLAS, thin cage mask, heavy use-$350.00

ARIZONA OUTLAWS-road/white #67 STADNIK-$185.00
MEMPHIS SHOWBOATS- home/red #31 COLEMAN-$150.00
PITTSBURGH MAULERS- home/purple #90 TROY THOMAS-$400.00
ORLANDO RENEGADES- home/blue #67 TIMES-$300.00

Flutie Game Jersey (red) - NJ GEN :$2000
Walker Game Jersey (red)- NJ GEN :$3000
Lockette Game Jersey (white)- NJ GEN :$200
Madsen Game Jersey (white)- NJ GEN :$200
USFL Football :$1000
USFL Autographable Football (3 sides white) :$1000
WFL Football :$1000
WFL Autographable Football (3 sides white) :$1000
NJ Generals Game Helmet :$500
Plus assorted sweaters, wool caps, shirts, sweat suits, warm up suits, painters caps, wind breakers, etc., some are in like new condition

Programs and Magazines

World Football League Programs - $15 each, 3 or more for $12 each
WFL Phila. v. Detroit 8/28/74
WFL So. Calif. v. Portland 8/28/74
WFL So. Calif. v. Chicago 9/2/74
WFL New York v. Florida 9/6/74
WFL So. Calif. v. Detroit 9/18/74
WFL Florida v. Chicago 9/26/74
WFL Hawaiians v. Birmingham 10/2/74
WFL Phila. v. Florida 10/2/74
WFL So. Calif. v. Birmingham 10/16/74
WFL Florida v. Portland 11/7/74
WFL Phila. v. San Antonio 10/4/75
WFL San Antonio v. Shreveport 8/2/75
WFL San Antonio v. So. Calif. 8/9/75
WFL San Antonio v. Portland 8/30/75
WFL San Antonio v. So. Calif. 9/7/75
WFL San Antonio v. Memphis 9/28/75
WFL Shreveport v. Birmingham 7/19/75
WFL Shreveport v. Jax. 9/6/75
WFL Shreveport v. Chicago 8/9/75
WFL So. Calif. v. San Antonio 7/5/75
WFL So. Calif. v. Portland 8/3/75
WFL So. Calif. v. Phila. 8/29/75
WFL So. Calif. v. Charlotte 9/14/75
WFL So. Calif. v. Shreveport 10/12/75
WFL Birmingham v. Chicago 8/12/75
WFL Birmingham v. So. Calif. 8/23/75
WFL Birmingham v. Shreveport 8/30/75
WFL Birmingham v. San Antonio 9/13/75
WFL Charlotte v. Jax. 10/12/75
WFL Chicago v. Jax. 7/12/75
WFL Jacksonville v. Hawaiians 7/26/75
WFL Jacksonville v. Birmingham 8/16/75
WFL Jacksonville v. Charlotte 8/30/75
WFL Jacksonville v. Phila. 9/20/75
WFL Jacksonville v. Birmingham 9/27/75
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All Gunslinger programs for sale @ $10 each...1985 San Antonio, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Orlando Media Guides for sale @$17 each-

Game programs from Arizona Wranglers/Outlaws (listed by cover picture)- 1984 #1 - USFL Helmets ($7.00), 1984 #3- Washington punter ($5.00), 1984 #5- Mike Rozier (Pitt) ($7.00), 1984 #6- Larry Csonka ($10.00), 1984 #9- Washington cheerleader ($5.00), 1984 Western Conference Championship- G. Landry, K. Long (LA @ AZ) ($10.00), 1984 USFL Championship- Trophy (AZ vs Phila) ($25.00), 1985 #1- Doug Flutie (N.J.) ($10.00), 1985 #2- QB Sack (Phi) ($5.00), 1985 #4- Stallions-Breakers action ($5.00), 1985 #5- Jim Kelly (Hou) ($10.00), 1985 #6- Philadelphia Stars #s 44, 86 ($5.00), 1985 #8- Herschel Walker (N.J.) ($10.00), 1985 #9- Anthony Carter, D. Holloway, Gordon Banks (Oak) ($7.00);
From Oakland Invaders games- 1983 #2- Craig James Stars @ Invaders ($10.00), 1983 #3- Denver QB # 11 Wranglers @ Invaders ($10.00), 1983 #4- Herschel Walker Invaders @ Bandits ($12.00), 1983 #5- Game Action Federals @ Invaders ($10.00)- add $2.00 for postage of single items, postpaid for orders of $20 or more-

Caps and Hats

San Antonio Gunslingers painters' hats (with nice logos)- $3 each
San Antonio Gunslingers visors $3
- Contact me

USFL team hats: Portland Breakers, Houston Gamblers, Orlando Renegades, Baltimore STars, Denver Gold, Birmingham Stallions, San Antonio Gunslingers, Memphis Showboats and Jacksonville Bulls- $4 each

Media Guides

1985: Los Angeles Express (Steve Young cover) $40
- Contact me.

1985: Arizona Outlaws $15 including shipping

1983 Boston Breakers $25.00
1983 New Jersey Generals $15.00
1983 Oakland Invaders $15.00
1983 Denver Gold $15.00
1983 Washington Federals $15.00
1984 Denver Gold $15.00
1984 Washington Federals $15.00
1984 Tampa Bay Bandits $15.00
1983 USFL League Guide $40.00

1983 USFL Media Guide Set (13 Total)-$100.00
1985 USFL Media Guide Set in white Eastern & Western Conference Binders-$140.00


83 Invaders at Wranglers stub - inaug game $15 and 84 Invaders at Blitz complete ticket ($10) also the following Miller Lite schedules (all $4.50): 85 Invaders, 84 Stars and Generals, 83 Stallions, Express, Breakers, Blitz, Wranglers, Invaders & Stars-

1985 Championship tickets (2) $22 each -


1983 Michigan Panthers- Miller Lite $4.50
1983 Arizona Wranglers- Miller Lite $4.50
1983 Chicago Blitz, helmet- Bud Light $7
1983 Chicago Blitz, mural- Old Style $7
1984 Chicago Blitz- Miller Lite $5
1984 Denver Gold- Miller Lite $5
1984 Chicago Blitz, "Puttin' on the Blitz-" Budweiser, Sun-Times $7
1984 LA Express, QB front- Home Savings of America $7
1985 Portland Breakers- Miller Lite $4
1985 New Jersey Generals- Miller Lite $4
1985 Jacksonville Bulls- Miller Lite $4
1985 Oakland Invaders- Miller Lite $4
1985 Oakland Invaders- "No Nonsense Football" painting $7
1974 WFL Southern California Sun- Tuborg $9
1974 WFL league $9
1975 WFL San Antonio $7
1975 WFL Shreveport $7
- Contact me

Shreveport Steamer (team issue) $2, NJ Generals (Miller Lite) $5, Philadelphia Stars (crown Gasoline) $7, Memphis Maddogs $10, more-


Memphis Showboats stadium cup $5
1983 New Jersey Generals Photo Album $15
L.A. Express Cheerleader photo $5
Stars plastic license plate $5
L.A. Express plastic license plate $5
Plastic coasters (8 packs)- Blitz, Stars, Invaders- $5 each 8 pack
Plastic coasters (4 packs)- Stars- $3 each or 2 for $5
Plastic coasters (singles)- Express- $1 each, 4 for $3 or 8 for $5
WFL Southern California Sun 6" button $7
WFL Southern California Sun 3" button $5
- Contact me

1975 WFL Shreveport Steamer programs ($6 each), tickets (100-$35), decals, and schedules for sale-

Arizona Wranglers items- 1983 schedule $2.00 ppd., ticket offer 3.00 ppd., news letter 3.00 ppd., sticker 2.00 ppd.-

LA Express patch $12, Oakland Invaders patch $12, Shreveport Steamer ticket brochure $5, NJ Generals ticket brochure $7, San Antonio Texans vs Shreveport Pirates information guide $7, Shreveport Steamers sticker $3-

1983 USFL championship portfolio (given to all media and pressbox personnel) leatherlike folder. $50.00 -

1985 NJ Generals Team Photo with 1985 Miller Lite pocket schedule, $8 -


WFL Hawaiians $9
WFL Hawaiians (other design) $9
WFL Jacksonville Express $9
WFL Jacksonville Express (other design) $9
WFL San Antonio Wings $9
WFL Shreveport Steamer $9
WFL Philadelphia Bell $9
WFL Portland Thunder $9
WFL Memphis Southmen $9
WFL Chicago Winds $9
- Contact me


WFL Chicago Fire $5
WFL Birmingham Americans $5
WFL Shreveport Steamer $5
WFL Southern California Sun $5
- Contact me


Denver Gold, Los Angeles Express, Oakland Invaders, New Orleans Breakers, Memphis Showboats, Pittsburgh Maulers. Also looking for a WFL Pennant Shreveport Steamer, $17 each-


1984 Oakland Invaders schedule poster $10
1994 Baltimore CFL Colts "Football is Back" schedule poster $7
- Contact me

1983 Arizona Wranglers posters (all rolled in tube)- first game, cheerleaders, schedule-


2000 Topps NFL Europe subset (23 cards) $4- Contact me.

1992 Wild Card WLAF 150 card set $7.50-

Selling singles of the 1984 USFL set at $1.50 each; have over 100 different cards to choose from- JV Sports. Also available, 1985.

'84 & '85 USFL card sets in the original boxes; '84 set includes autographed cards of Steve Young, Bobby Hebert & Craig James; all cards in excellent condition-

Lots of WLAF 1992 Ultimate cards and hologram cards. $5 for original box (63 cards), $2 for a hologram-

1984 USFL Topps Football (132 cards) $250.00.-

Helmet Icons- Go here for a free zipped file of USFL helmet icons or email Daniel if that doesn't work- dsmith4@Bayou.UH.EDU.


I am always interested in photos from the USFL, WFL, WLAF, Arena League and CFL. If you have something, send me email, and let me know the particulars.

Graphics of helmets from the USFL, WFL, WLAF, and Arena League. If no helmet graphics are available, just pics from the leagues of players that show the helmets will be good as I can construct the helmets graphically from that-

Lapel pins wanted to complete a collection- USFL Arizona Outlaws, WFL Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Stars, Boston Bulls, Washington Ambassadors (Baltimore/Virginia), Anaheim-

Anything from the Washington Federals wanted- also looking for jerseys and game pants from all teams-

Philadelphia Stars items wanted-

Interested in USFL game worn jerseys and Oakland Invaders items-

Orlando Renegades helmet lapel pin wanted-

Interested in obtaining the following WFL Programs to complete my collection:
1974: August 8- The Hawaiians at Jacksonville, August 22- Chicago at Detroit, September 2- Memphis at Jacksonville, September 5- Philadelphia at Jacksonville, September 11- The Hawaiians at Houston
1975: August 16- San Antonio at Charlotte, September 7- The Hawaiians at Memphis, September 27- Southern California at Charlotte, October 19- Southern California at The Hawaiians
I am also interested in obtaining complete game summaries from the 1975 WFL season-

Jim Kelly Gamblers items wanted-

Looking for any Houston Gamblers memorabilia-

Pittsburgh Maulers jersey or Jacksonville Bulls jersey wanted-

Michigan Panthers Anthony Carter jersey wanted-

WFL game photos wanted (scanned or copied, color or b/w), also USFL photos. Interested in all teams, all years- willing to buy or trade- Jim Cusano.

Kickoff magazine with Jim Kelly cover wanted-

Wanted: Sacramento Gold Miners (CFL) or Surge (WLAF) helmet (game or replica)-

Interested in Jim Kelly memorabilia, USFL footballs (both official and white panel), Houston Gambler and New Jersey General helmets (both regular and mini helmets) and any USFL memorabilia with Kent Hull or Doug Flutie-

Baltimore Stars jersey wanted-

USFL shot glasses wanted-

Memphis Showboats, Memphis Southmen/Grizzlies, Memphis Mad Dogs memorabilia or game-worn equipment of any kind wanted.

Pittsburgh Maulers helmet wanted-

Washington Federals items wanted-

Wanted: Items relating to the 1985 Baltimore Stars and CFL Baltimore Stallions. I have some things to trade on my limited web page-

Interested in purchasing Topps trading cards of Herschel Walker, year doesn't matter, condition does-

Looking to buy or trade for USFL ticket stubs- all years, teams, and sites desired including playoffs. Also looking for unique Oakland Invaders items including photos and a helmet-

Wanted: CFL football cards, hats, T-shirts, media guides; USFL 84 football cards (need common cards), USFL gameday mags, photos-

Wanted - Any Stars memorabilia especially jerseys, helmets, any patches-

Wanted - Minor League and semipro football programs, newspaper clippings, pennants, uniforms, etc. for any league from 1930-1998. Leagues I am interested in include the Continental, Atlantic Coast, Texas, Midwest, Northern States, Central States, Pacific, American Association-

Doug Flutie jersey wanted (authentic or replica)-

Herschel Walker items wanted, helmets, jerseys, magazines, programs, cards, posters, prints, Starting Lineup, anything autographed-

Arena football and WLAF/NFLE items wanted-

USFL Pittsburg and Birmingham items, Cliff Stoudt items, USFL shot glasses, USFL stickers, USFL Bobby Hebert, USFL football wanted-

USFL jerseys and gamepants wanted-

Official footballs from the AAFC, AFL, WFL, NFL, USFL and Arena leagues wanted-

Buying all USFL memorabilia-

Oklahoma Outlaws memorabilia wanted-

Birmingham Barracudas helmet (mini or official size) wanted-

Wanted: Chicago Blitz helmet, either authentic or replica-

Wanted: Replica or authentic jerseys from the New Jersey Generals and the Orlando Thunder-

Wanted: Birmingham Stallions full size helmet, B'ham Stallions jersey #84 BROWN-

Wanted: Anything San Antonio Gunslingers related, any USFL videos, jerseys, posters, all memorabilia -

Wanted: Official footballs from AAFC, AFL. WFL, plus white Duke NFL ball used in 40's and early 50's at night -

Wanted: USFL t-shirts wanted, any team (size XL preferred) -

Wanted: USFL media guides, card sets (regional or the Topps sets), postcards, programs, pennants, pocket schedules and other unique USFL items, etc. Also want media guides, programs and other items from WFL, AFL of 1960's, AAFC of 1940's and the Continental FB League from 1965-1969. Have Arena, USFL, WFL, WLAF, NFL Europe guides to trade -

Wanted: Ohio Glory Jersey or shirt size XXL. Also interested in other Ohio Glory memoribilia -

Wanted: USFL wristbands, any team -

Wanted: Charlotte Stars/Hornets 1974-75 WFL memoribilia. Looking for Photos, Articles, Audio, Film, Memoribilia, Progams & Tickets, and Odd Ball items -

Wanted: Joe Gilliam items -

Wanted: Pittsburgh Maulers baseball cap -

Wanted: Stan Blinka items -

Wanted: Any USFL rings, New Jersey Generals jacket -

Wanted: Embroidered patches with logos of the Pittsburgh Maulers and the USFL Logo -

Wanted: Buford Jordan 8x10 or other items (magazines, photos, etc.) -

Wanted: 1985 USFL doug flutie Generals jersey, XL or XXL -

Wanted: Any USFL game-used helmet -

Wanted: CFL-USA based game worn uniforms, helmets, footballs and media guides -

Wanted: Oakland Invader mini helmet signed by Anthony Carter -

Wanted: CFL Las Vegas Posse and Baltimore media guides and programs, San Antonio Texans media guides -

Wanted: 83 Boston, 84 New Orleans, or 85 Portland Breakers jersey, any size; Home Orlando Thunder jersey, any size -

Wanted: Washington Federals items -

Wanted: New Jersey Generals helmet -

Wanted: Tim Spencer items; cards (looking for a graded rookie mint 9 or better), autographed items and any photos, pictures or newspaper articles -

Wanted: Michigan Panthers jersey and pants -

Wanted: USFL programs, particularly playoff programs -

Wanted: WLAF/NFLE items, records and facts books, videotapes, cards,t-shirts, caps and jackets -

Wanted: Pennants for Orlando (helmet), Arizona OUTLAW (helmet); CFLUSA Birmingham, Memphis and San Antonio -

Wanted: CFL, USFL, WFL, jerseys, helmets (game used or mini), footballs, etc. -

Wanted: USFL football -

Wanted: USFL Media guides/program books/videos of the 1984 Tampa Bay Bandits,containing all or some of the following players: Ron Simmons, Larry Pfohl, or Ed Gantner. Also looking for the above items of the '91-'92 WLAF Sacramento Surge when Bill Goldberg was with them, including championship game items -

Wanted: Wanted: CFL Memphis Mad Dogs game programs, video tapes and/or game film, USFL Memphis Showboats game programs, 1984 media guide, video tapes and/or game film, WFL Memphis Southmen video tapes and/or game film. willing to buy or trade -

Wanted: USFL full size helmets (Michigan Panthers, Jacksonville Bulls, Orlando Renegades...) to buy or trade, have game worn Tampa Bay Bandits jersey, game worn Jacksonville Bulls jerseys to offer -

Wanted: helmet lapel pins of the Michigan Panthers and Orlando Renegades -

Wanted: WLAF Orlando Thunder home jersey and t-shirt (both in XL), Sacramento Surge and San Antonio Riders 1992 hologram cards -

Wanted: Pinback buttons or pins from USFL, WFL, AFL, ARENA, CFL, AAFC, older NFL, WLAF, NFLE, and minor league football -

Wanted: All things Michigan Panthers, including T-shirts, pennants, bumper stickers, jersey's etc. Also looking for a complete set of the USFL gumball helmets -

Wanted: Birmingham Stallions wrist watch and game helmet -

Wanted: Any game used USFL helmets -

Wanted: USFL cards of Herschel Walker, Doug Flutie, Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Mike Rozier, Paul Lavine, Don Echols and Rick Neuheisel -

Wanted: The $1 League: The Rise and Fall of the USFL -

Wanted: Wanted USFL Helmets: prefer game used, will consider original but not replica. Looking for, Memphis Showboats, Michigan Panthers, Pittsburg Maulers and Washington Federals (white and/or silver) -

Wanted: logo helmet pins of the Michigan Panthers and Philadelphia Stars -

Wanted: anything related to the 1983 USFL Boston Breakers -

Wanted: original, not homemade, USFL Gumball Helmets -

Wanted: 1985 Championship Program and a 1985 Baltimore Stars Media guide -

To Trade

Replica helmets of the following Arena teams for trade or sale (trades mostly looking for Arena items, but will consider others): Charlotte Rage, Las Vegas Sting, Memphis Pharaohs-

To trade: complete set of first year USFL pennants for a NJ Generals helmet-