USFL Collections

Welcome to the USFL site's Collectors' Corner. This page will feature USFL and USFL-related collections from around the country and even around the world. Please email me if you would like your memorabilia featured here. Click on the names below to check out each person's collection. Enjoy!

Collecting USFL Memorabilia

So you want to start or continue your own USFL collection? Well there's no better place to start than the USFL site's memorabilia page:

Featured USFL Collections

The Essential USFL Library

I am often asked what sources I used for this site and for USFL research in general. Here are some of the best sources of USFL information:

  • The USFL Chronicle by Paul Reeths
  • The $1 League by Jim Byrne
  • 1984 Sporting News USFL Guide and Register
  • 1985 Sporting News USFL Guide and Register
  • The All-Time USFL Player Register by Tod Maher
  • League and team media guides and game programs.
The ultimate USFL collectible