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Other Football Leagues

Arena Football League- The fifty-yard indoor war.
NFL logo
National Football League- The one and only.
National Football League Europe- The NFL's European summer league- formerly the World League of American Football.
The NFLE Links Page- An updated list of NFL Europe League links.
The Original WLAF- A page on the league when it still had teams in the USA.
CFL logo
Canadian Football League- Football North of the border.
Mike's CFL Fan Page- A fan's CFL site.
American CFL Team Cards- Scans from CFL cards featuring the American teams.

The USFL's Legacy- A 1996 story by the Associated Press.
The Regional Football League- A proposed new league for spring of 1999.
International Football League- A failed league from the 1980s.
Sportsmap- A site with a couple of articles on the USFL.
The National Women's Football League- A new league looking for players, coaches and owners.
Minor League Football Links- Many links to minor league, semi-pro and amateur football teams and leagues.
USFL Online League- It's back! The FBPro Site that recreates the USFL.
USFL86 League- Another Sierra FBPro 98 Site that picks up with the 1986 season.
USFL Online Simulation League- And another, with teams available.

Football History Sites

USFL logo
The USFL Site- The definitive site on the United States Football League.
Virtual USFL Museum- Browse around this display of USFL memorabilia.
Arizona Wranglers Website- A site dedicated to the USFL team.
Michigan Panthers Website- Dedicated to the 1983 USFL champions.
Michigan Panthers Video History- Also includes information on the 1985 Oakland Invaders.
Ballparks- Information on USFL stadiums.

PFRA logo
The Professional Football Researchers Association- An extensive site with articles covering more than 100 years of pro football history.
Football Uniforms Site- Graphics of uniforms from the AFL, Arena League, CFL, USFL, WFL and WLAF/NFLE.
AFL logo
WFL logo
World Football League Hall of Fame- This NFL competitor lasted just a year and a half.
PSFL logo
Professional Spring Football League- A league which was supposed to debut in 1992 but never got off the ground.
Pro Football Champions- NFL Championship and playoff results through 1997.
Extinct Sports Leagues- Covering nearly all of the leagues that have come and gone in almost every sport.
The Mini Helmet Club- Pictures of helmets from several different leagues.
Saskatchewan Roughriders- A comprehensive site on the CFL team.