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one way
10-04-2007, 11:53 AM
I just read some more news on the PBL on OSC. Make up your own mind if the news is positive or not. One article was about the Quad City team's draft pick. Here is a 6'10 kid who never heard of the PBL and is currently not playing anywhere. That should tell you something right there. He gets drafted by the PBL and the kid is excited is because he can play basketball and still work the family farm. Like I said, make your own conclusions. The second thing I read was the Minn. press release concerning the signing of their picks. In the release it stated that PBL coaches wrote down their top ten players that that say was the best at the PBL combine. I then glanced at the players drafted. Judging from the talent that the PBL listed as their top ten talent; this league will struggle to keep fans because the basketball product will be poor. Again, judge for yourself.

Minor Leaguer
10-04-2007, 02:11 PM
As bdaly stated in response to another post, this draft was from their combine. Go read about it on the Minesota Ripknees homepage. They only had a list of 30 players available and if they didn't select one of those players, they had to take somebody who had local connections, either at the high school level or collegiately. I would consider this draft about as important as the CBA Draft. Neither draft matters. If you can get one guy from the draft to sit on the end of your bench, then good for you. If you can't, it's not that big of a deal. You can go out and find another guy to do that on the free agent market.

Clearly the article about the kid from Quad Cities that you are referring to hasn't talked to the head coach yet. If he had, he would realize that he won't be able to play for a semi-professional basketball team and still work on the farm. With the salary cap of the PBL, it is a full-time job for the players not a part-time committment. What do you expect to hear from a player that didn't even know about the league. I wouldn't expect him to make the team.

Lastly, has the PBL put out as many press releases as it should have by now? Absolutely not, but at the same point I find it funny how all these people want to throw the league under the bus before the inaugral season even begins. They supposedly have ten teams. I would like to see the league be able to finish the season with at least 8 teams (remember the CBA only finished last year with 7 teams) and then hopefully the CBA could work something out with the league's two two or three most solid teams for next season. I really think it has the potential to make the CBA stronger next season, which after last season is an obvious need for the CBA. I am not for all the teams merging, but more so hopefully the CBA just taking the best 2-3 teams from the league and making it stronger.