View Full Version : ABA owners meeting vs. PBL owners meeting

08-21-2007, 10:00 PM
1. ALL owners in the PBL were at the meeting. ABA has not had a meeting the past few years where all the owners showed up.

2. PBL paid for flights or rooms for the owners. ABA pays nothing for owners to come.

3. PBL provided: PBL logo imprinted on bags, towels, pens, notebooks, etc. along with a schedule of topics. ABA ?

4. PBL had a power point presentation, a live internet presentation, sample of statistics program that will be used. ABA: Joe stands there and talks all day.

5. PBL to form Board of Govenors that will have direct input to league. ABA: Joe rules

More to come as information comes in..............

08-22-2007, 06:18 AM
Wait a minute, what about the PBL's "pay to play" try-outs that the ABA has down to a science? No one conducts "try-outs" like the ABA. Will the PBL use that as a revenue tool like the ABA does because they (ABA) cannot find sponsors??

Oh, and you forgot to mention the dance teams!! The ABA has a lock on that as well. That is the cornerstone of an ABA "franchise". Where does the PBL stand on that?

one way
08-23-2007, 12:16 PM
PBL teams are running free agent camps at 100.00 per pop. I am wondering, everybody can't wait to get the new cell phone, the new madden game, the new anything and sometimes it is just like the old. Summer blockbuster movies come to mind. A lot of bluster and hype and the product stinks. Could this be what we are thinking concerning the PBL. They have not played a game yet. I am not saying that they are not trying or that they do not have the cash, I think that I am in a wait and see mode. Let's see where it is at in two or three years. I think that it is harder to start and run a professional league than we all know. Lets not jump the gun. Instead of drinking Joes Kool Aid, we could be drinking the PBL's.