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Pietsch Fan
08-08-2007, 12:13 PM
I've been really busy with back to work stuff, but I just wanted everyone to know that Yvonne, James and I attended a Roadrunners game on August 3rd and had a great time. I'll post more tonight when I get home.


08-08-2007, 02:21 PM
To jump on Mary's thread....

We had a blast. The people were nice, the game was a slugfest, and James had fun batboying for Chico.

It was hot but not oh-my-gosh-I'm-going-to-die hot. The misters and fans were fabulous.

We've compiled a list of stuff, good and bad and will put it up later.

One thing more I want to say though, is that the announcers voice (not the on field guy, but the "next up" guy) was sweet and smooth. I enjoyed his voice muchly. It was clear and not too loud (sometimes announcers slip into a yell, and I find that hard to listen to).

08-08-2007, 03:53 PM
Dixie State is a great field. When we went at the end of June it was hot and the sun was out till 9 it seemed. The people super nice. The Kid walking around selling gatorade and water was awesome. I would go again we had a blast!!!!!!

08-08-2007, 06:16 PM
I've also heard the radio guy is awesome! HAHA

08-08-2007, 06:29 PM
I've also heard the radio guy is awesome! HAHA

Bummer that we didn't bring a portable radio with us. Had I thought of it I totally would have! :)

Pietsch Fan
08-09-2007, 08:23 PM
First off, thanks to the Commish for calling ahead and having our tickets ready. We were so anxious to leave on our vacation that we forgot to grab our GBL lanyards. Second, remember if you go to a game in St. George, they are an hour ahead of California. :) Oops.

Please remember, all opinions are mine. I just want to give my thoughts and observations for the Commish and anyone else that might care.

So, after arriving for the game just minutes before it started we were greeted by Rick, St. George’s GM, who quickly ushered James to the dugouts to bat boy. James ended up in the visitor’s dugout (Chico), but since we had no preference (except for the normal “home team” bias) he was fine and Chico was very nice to him (more on that later).

Yvonne and I found our seats, about 2/3 of the way up right behind home plate. Misters and mister fans were over the center section and mister fans were to the left and right over the first and third base side stands. Nearly all of the stands had some misters. Very nice.

We noticed the Roadrunner Fly Girls right away (how do you miss 8-10 nubile young things all grouped together?). They were entertaining enough (doing the same dance routine twice on the field and dancing amongst themselves in the stands), but I would have like to see them spread out more and leading the crowd in more cheers. Reggie the mascot was interesting to look at and took a while to get used to. He spent more time with the dancers than he should have. Yvonne thought one of them might have been his girlfriend.

We noticed Rick walking around speaking with people, that’s always nice to see. Everyone else who was visibly connected with the team were also talking to people. They were dressed appropriately with RR logos and represented their organization well. The concessions people were helpful and reasonably fast getting food to the customers. The selection of food was good. Everyone was so young and full of energy.

Oh, and the team has its own theme song. It’s a rap kind of thing, but not so rappy as to be annoying to old people. It was quite catchy!

The PA announcer and the on field guy both had voices you could understand and neither did the annoying announcer scream/talking. There wasn’t a lot of on field stuff, but what they had was fun. They did a race the mascot (I think home to home is too long a race) which is always popular. They had a father/son hitting game I liked. The son would hit a ball off a tee from near first base. Where ever the ball landed the tee would be moved there and the dad would then have to hit the ball off the tee and over the right field fence. Yvonne wondered if mom/daughters were allowed to do it (or mom/son, etc.)

They had the greatest merchandise available that I’ve ever seen for a GBL team. If the Surf Dawgs had sold that much stuff I would have been much poorer at the end of the season. And in person I love the “orange” color and uniforms even more.

On the field level they have 4 or 5 boxes with chairs and picnic benches. It was unclear if they were for sponsors or if they were sponsored. I’d love to watch a game from down there. The only thing about the facility that I didn’t like was that all the seats are high off the ground, so I felt a bit disconnected from the game. That and the fan misters were loud (can’t be helped, I know, but it was distracting until you got used to it and sort of zoned it out). They also had a grassy area at the end of the first base side seats. Looks like mostly kids were hanging around down there talking with the bat boys who were on foul ball duty.

Okay, so James bat boyed for Chico. I don’t care if he is related to me, the kid can bat boy. He understands that he has to act professionally, be alert and not bug the players. He’s always ready to go, runs in and out and is uber respectful in the dugout. Ask any of the players who he’s been around and they’ll tell you he’s an awesome kid. So, after the game was over one of the coaches tells James that if he (James) goes and gets a ball he (the coach) will get the manager to sign it for him. Now, I don’t think James knew who the manager was, but knowing the GBL he knew that whoever it was, he was a former big leaguer. Plus, James would not be rude enough to turn down such an offer. So, I watch Mark Parent sign the ball and pat James on the head. The coach tells him to come back the next night, to which we tell him we’re only there for the night. Looking at the ball we see it says “To James, the best bat boy ever!!! Mark Parent” Exclamation points and all :-D We’re so proud.

Last thing. Before the game we went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch/dinner (highly recommend that place) and our waitress not only had been to a Roadrunner game, but she had very good things to say about it. It was very clear to us that if the team was even a little bit better the town would support them. It's a small town with from what we could tell not much to do. There is no reason why they can't pack the place next year with just a little more work.


08-09-2007, 11:03 PM
Even though Mary said in her post that it was all her opinion, all I could do as I read it was nod my head vigorously.

It was a great experience all around.