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08-04-2007, 01:28 PM
I was at the Sac. Rivercats game last night, it reminded me of something that is missing at the Sox games..!

I don't know about all the other GBL games, but in Reno we don't have any beer/popcorn sales people walking the stands. We don't hear "Cold Beer Here" or "Get your Hot Popcorn".. It would seem they would double the sales by doing this.. I don't get up and miss some game action or between inning promos just for a beer or popcorn..

I was in Chico also this year, I don't remember anyone selling in the stands there either..

How about the other cities in the GBL, the league is really missing out on game sales by not doing this...


08-04-2007, 02:17 PM
In the first season in LB , they tried doing sales at the seats. The idea was great, the implementation was horrible. If you have been to LB, you know that there is only 1 main path in the stadium which runs along the front of the seats but behind the box seats. In the first season they had a lady with a cart walk the length of the stadium. There was a few problems. First, the cart was about 90% of the width of the isle. So getting around her was a near impossibility. Also, people that sat in the first row were constantly blocked by her cart and anyone that came up to buy anything. And she moved slow, so people missed almost an entire half of an inning sometimes. The other problem was that in the interest of being funny she was kind of annoying. This is a typical peanuts sale. BTW: her name was Peachy. She was a really nice lady, but this was the one annoying thing about her.

Peachy: Peeaanuuts!! (see how I did that? Looks sort of like my name...lol)
BUyer: Ill take some peanuts
Peachy: One bag of peanuts coming up
Buyer: *waiting for her to dig them out of a box
Peachy: are you ready?
Buyer: Yes
Peachy: you dont look ready
buyer: Im ready
Peachy: are you ready?
buyer: yes
Peachy: are you sure
Peachy: *fake toss
buyer: *frustrated laugh*
people she is blocking: please give him the peanuts, we have missed the last 2 batters
Peachy: almost there
Buyer: can I get my peanuts?
Peachy: are you ready?
Peachy: finally tosses the peanuts

this would take about 2 batters sometimes the entire half if it was a quick inning. And she would do this no matter where you were sitting. If you were sitting close to where her cart was, she would walk away a few steps so she could toss the bag.

I do not remember there being any last year at Blair, but they did open a few of the mobile carts and that made getting a beer or soda or quick snack a whole lot easier.

This year, they had a peanut guy. I think he also had frozen lemonade and maybe a few treats along for the ride. He was very good at what he did and I am not sure of sales, was an added bonus. I purchased alot more peanuts this year than I have in the past 2 years. He even has catchy phrases such as:

"Who wants a bag of salty nuts? I got salty nuts here"
"Im here to fight the war on the munchies, who is with me?"

just funny stuff like that

Also at the 3 stadiums I have been to they have had roaming people. I know it was very limited in OC, but I remember a peanut guy coming at least once, it might have been the inseat service person do it, but either way it was nice not having to climb the stairs every time you want a beer or water

In Yuma, they have the beer/drink guys walking around with the rolling coolers. I got me some beer. I also remember the cotton candy cart and there might have been one other vendor. They also did this last year. I like that they have a wide isle and can do this without creating a traffic jam.

In St Goerge, there is no beer sales of course, but we had an awesome gatorade kid that came by quite a bit. That was good too because it was hot as heck and he was working his butt off. We gave him a tip each time, but each time it got harder and harder to earn the tips. At first we were just telling him to not buy any drugs with it. Than we made him promise. We eventually got him to dance for his tips which was great. He made tons of money from our group because we were drinking gatorade and water like crazy. And if he was out of a flavor we wanted, he would run back and get it for us. That was great service. I do not remember any other kinds of sales there, but I may have missed them.

I would welcome a peanut vendor and a drink vendor at Blair. The drinks would have to be one of those small rolling coolers so they could stay cool but so that they would not block the isle. They would have to fill up more, but thats ok, that means there are tons of sales.

08-05-2007, 01:27 PM
Very funny...

I was wondering if they have the " Family Pack" in OC...I see it in almost all other leagues/parks.

For example,

4 GA Tickets
4 Hot Dogs
4 Sodas
4 Small Souvenir items

Total 44.00

You know you'll have to buy popcorn, beer etc... This is a good way to get
a family crowd into the game...

We don't have this in Reno.


08-05-2007, 03:10 PM
OC does have one advantage over the other GBL stadiums I have been to. You an go get a snack/beer without missing any of the game. You can climb the stairs and still see the game. heck, you can see the game from line. At blair, Yuma and St George, you have to exit the stadium to get snacks which could be a trade off for no walking vendors?