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08-01-2007, 11:59 PM
I have a question for you all (esp. Commish and Ed)...I know that pitchers are not allowed any white on their gloves as to possibly distract a hitter. Now, assuming that we are playing under MLB rules, with GBL modifications. What are the stipulations for bats? If a player has a bat (lets say its black for contrast purposes) and he tapes it with stark white trainers tape up to the
18" maximum level, as allowed. Assuming that the batter tapes his bats everyday as superstition; and there is no pine tar or other discolorations, would this not be a distraction for at least the infielders seeing the ball coming off the bat?
If a manager protested the bat, how would you rule?
I would be very interested to hear your thoughts...thanks

08-03-2007, 12:42 AM
Hi RW,

This rule is one of the more interesting ones in baseball due to the famous George Brett pine tar incident/meltdown. The official rule is that there can be nothing on the bat, other than paint or varnish, past the 18 inch mark measured from the end of the knob. Up to that point you can pine tar it, tape it, even bubble wrap it if you want to so you can get a better grip. The tape can be blindingly white and refreshed each day if the player wants to.

Also, now, if caught with a bat that has stuff on it past the 18 inch mark there is no longer any penalty -- this was changed due to the Brett Incident on July 24, 1983 when Brett hit a ninth inning home run off of Goose Gossage to put the Royals up 5-4, but Yankee skipper Billy Martin came out of the dugout and challenged the length of the pine tar residue on the bat. At that time, the rule stated that the batter is called out if caught using a bat violating the 18 inch rule. The Royals actually protested the game and Lee MacPhail (A.L President at the time) agreed with them and required the game to be replayed at the point AFTER the home run.

The rule was then changed in the off-season that any bats that have substances past the 18 inch mark are disallowed, but there is no penalty if it is noticed after a hit or pitch -- the bat is just not allowed to be used again in the game.

With the much shorter bats being used today -- 32 inches are becoming much more common -- you can tape or pine tar well over half the bat now.
This applies to the GBL as well as we use the major league rule book.

Best Regards,
Kevin Outcalt
Golden Baseball League

08-03-2007, 11:45 AM
Great question RW and thanks for the info Commish!!!!! i still thought the player was punishible.