View Full Version : St. Paul Saints Join Armada in Vick Awareness Day

07-29-2007, 04:43 PM
Hey Long Beach guys....

Just saw that the St. Paul Saints of the Northern League...Mike Veeck and Bill Murray owners...have also announced their Michael Vick Awareness Day...dogs will be given Michael Vick dolls as chew toys...here's the blurb:

"According to the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis, the St. Paul Saints are planning to give away 2,500 "Michael Vick" dolls as dog chew toys designed with the Atlanta Falcons' team colors and the No. 7 worn by the team's embattled quarterback."

Looks like it's becoming a fad....were there any dogs at the game today?

Go Outlaws!

07-29-2007, 08:24 PM
there were quite a few animals at the park today. I think the dogs actually outnumbered the fans. It was a low attendance day as is usual on sunday day games in LB. I would say there were less than 500 people there, including dogs.

The funny thing is that if they just called it animal awareness day and there was no mention of Vick, this would never have been reported. The news would not have cared one bit. But they sensationalize Vick and his media attention. Also what people are forgetting is that Vick has not been convicted. Using his name is something like this is borderline slander.