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07-26-2007, 03:21 PM
There was an article written by Aaron Williams for Redding.com. The direct link is: http://www.redding.com/news/2007/jul/26/minor-league-ballpark-may-not-come/

It sounds like Bosetti is fairly cheesed with Dave Kaval, though the article was heavily slanted against the GBL.

Here's a portion of the article:

A meeting with the stadium owners, Golden Baseball League (GBL) CEO David Kaval and contractors was to be held Wednesday in Vacaville to discuss the cost and feasibility of the plan.

Bosetti said he originally was invited to attend. Then earlier this week he was uninvited.

"(Kaval) said he wanted to meet privately, which I understand," Bosetti said. "But then I learned Wednesday was (going to be) the first contact (Kaval had) with Vacaville."

Bosetti was then told another city was interested in the stadium and that it was willing to put money toward the plan.

"Them bringing another city into the picture just soured me," Bosetti said.

It sounds to me like Bosetti is eager to have a GBL team, but that he also thinks he can strong arm the GBL into the deal.

Your thoughts?

07-26-2007, 04:01 PM
Well, I am not even going to say I know one thing about this deal. I read the link and it seems as if the residents are not real keen on the idea of having a team in a limited facility (parking etc.). We all know that the comment posters are a small minority, as they are here.
I do not think that David made slight at Redding, I would have to assume-as in all projects, the feasability study is not far enough along to bring the city in for a "looksie". My guess is David realized that more study/time is to be needed to address all of the issues; and its not quite time to bring the city into the mix. I mean, if you dont have a plan to present---why bother? It just makes you look foolish and unprepared.

The Redding area is primed for a team, and having a mixed use stadium would be very neat. I mean, how many of us playing little league would have killed to play where the pros play?? i wish that the stadium leases we have now would allow for more community teams to play where they watch their local heroes. Reality puts ahold on that for now---but maybe with Redding, they can work out a deal where the facility can be used while the team is on the road. I say keep plugging away; I much prefer a two divison GBL as opposed to the two half system. This can only help create a "northern" and "southern" divison set up!

Nothing is easy in dealing with local governments---let David go out and try and sell the team to the citizens of Redding.....and if we need to be there to help----ask us and we will!!!