View Full Version : OC looks good...

07-25-2007, 10:07 AM
Made it to the Net last night.....was impressed with the OC Flyers as they dominated the Outlaws last night. The Bacani kid looks great in the field and at the plate and their whole lineup is pretty loaded with hitters....plus the starting pitcher Arizmendi was very tough...struck out 10 in six shutout innings...we couldn't score until a couple of garbage runs in the bottom of the ninth.

I had thought the second half was going to be a Yuma vs. Long Beach race...sorry Reno guys. But now I think that it's much more wide open with the Flyers right in the mix....it's going to be a fun second half...just hope the Outlaws don't coast and lose momentum for the playoffs.

Go Outlaws!

07-25-2007, 06:11 PM
to the team I have to agree with you so far. The Flyers have a pretty decent blend of pitching, speed, defense and line drive hitters. Not a lot of power, maybe Goodman and Williams, but some good singles, doubles guys and speed to follow it up. it looks to me that their confidence is growing right now after the 4 losses to LB, which as you know can carry a team far if they can feed off of it.

My son Johnny is really enjoying this group and says that he thinks they have a pretty good squad, they just have to play with a little swagger and up to their potential and they will win their share of games, guess we'll see how it unfolds in the coming weeks.

It's good to be in the Orange!!