View Full Version : Atlantic League rivalries

zuma jay
07-24-2007, 08:47 AM
1. Bridgeport Bluefish vs Long Island Ducks is the Atlantic League's best rivalry. These franchises are always competitive and often are battling for the North Division crown. If it's an important game, a lot of Ducks fans will take the Port Jeff ferry to Bridgeport. Anybody know if the Bridgeport "Sign Guy" is still around?

2. York vs Lancaster. Brand new with not much tradition but York fans seem real excited. A lot of fans make the 1/2 hour drive to the opponents ballpark.

3. Somerset vs Newark. It's the suburbanites vs the urbanites. The rivalry was better when Newark's Johnny #1 fan used to get a big crowd of Bears fans to go to the games in Somerset. Now? Not as intense perhaps cause the teams are in different divisions.

Other rivalries of note:
- Camden vs Somerset
-Long Island vs Somerset

Gone but not forgotten:
- Atlantic City vs Camden
-Nashua vs Bridgeport