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07-22-2007, 12:57 AM
How was the "reunion" of sorts this weekend in Yuma?? Did ya'll hook up and have some fun? It seems as if 6 or 7 of us were headed that way. I was up in No Cal, and the Reno for a quick hit game.

07-22-2007, 01:09 AM
Mary, James and I were up in the box with another former Kennel Club member. Unfortunately the other four who were supposed to come over... didn't. :(
But we had a blast.

We saw some of the Armada fans and I headed over to say hey. Peanut and the Mrs. (right?), as well as five or six others were cheering on their boys.

I've got much to share about how fantastic the staff (from the GM down) was to us and how well we were taken care of, but it's after 11pm and I'm old as hell, so I'll try to post more details in the morning before we check out and head back to San Diego.

07-22-2007, 01:27 AM
I thought Yuma closed at 10pm?? Just kidding, Yuma is one of my favorite spots to hit. The staff is great and the people couldnt be nicer. I look forwrd to hearing about the weekend. Now maybe if my work schedule allows me to be in town anytime soon, we could do "lunch" up in either OC or Long Beach. Have a safe trip home!


07-23-2007, 12:53 AM
RW, I'm always up for meeting other GBL fans.

Here is a looooong post about our Yuma adventure........

As one would expect our Saturday in Yuma was hotter than heck, but fun as hell.

The GM Jason made sure that James was hooked up in the Club House with the regular bat boy and then made sure that Mary and I got settled into the luxury box. Most of the game day staff came by to say hey and to give us a great welcome. All made sure to let us know that if we needed anything, all we had to do was ask. Honestly, they couldn’t have been nicer to us.

When we got to the box we were blasted with COLD air. And I mean COLD. After the hot-hot air of Yuma the cold air in the box was literally breathtaking. There were sodas, waters and Powerades galore and all were kept chilly in an upright cooler with a glass front.

The table fronting the box’s window was nicely set up with several copies of a local magazine which had spotlighted the Scorpions, score forms, pens and spiffy stationary. I tried to keep score, but between ohhing and ahhing over all the amenities it was tough to keep up. Though, I did snag a page of stationary to take notes on.

The notes are from all of us in the box and are as follows:

“Install a clock” – We all had our cell phones to check the time but it would have been much easier if there was a clock mounted on the wall. A super sweet one can be made with the Scorpions logo on it (or GBL?) by going here: www.cafepress.com I have sold tons of dollars worth of product from here so if any Yuma folks are reading this and need/want help setting it up, I’m more than willing to help.

“Wonderful cust. ser.” – All of the staff were excellent, from the ‘gate keepers’ to the GM, to the on-field stuff…all stellar. I’ll speak about our curb-side server later in the list.

“Crowd sang the Anthem” – I can’t sing to save my life, but of course those of us who can’t sing, love to sing the most…and loudest. Well in Desert Sun Stadium, folks sing the Anthem so I can murmur along and not kill the ears of others. Now Mary on the other hand, she was graced with a very nice voice. I knew Mom always liked her best.

“Line up” – It would have been much easier to follow the game (and to keep score) if that night’s roster was in the booth too.

“Condensation” – We don’t know if there is even a fix for this, but with the cold-cold air on our side of the glass and the hot-hot air on the other…there was much dampness collected on the glass. There are these pink sticks of what looks like wax (but it’s not really) and you rub it on the glass and then clean it off with a clean cloth… these make it so that windows don’t fog. I have NO idea what they’re really called, but any car parts store will have them.

“Speaker control” – The GM, Jason, immediately apologized to us that there was no sound in the booth. No crowd sound piped in, no announcer sound piped in, nothing. At first we were of the opinion that it didn’t really matter and that it was all good. But, really, it turns out that it makes quite a difference in how much the game is enjoyed. We couldn’t hear walk up music, the fake broken glass sound, etc. Now like I said, they know about this and they are working on it (city hoops to jump through and all) so we’re not bashing. :) Also, since nothing has been bought yet, Yuma might want to consider installing a speaker system which has a volume control option. If someone is renting the booth to schmooze a client, then they’d want the sound low, if someone is renting the booth to party it up, then they’ll want it louder.

“Megan” – Ok, Megan was our curb-side server and she was freakin’ AWESOME!!!! She checked on us often to make sure we could get our orders in. I gave her my credit card and she made sure to keep an accurate list of all ordered items and the cashed me out at the end of the night. She was great. Jason, give her a raise. I'm just sayin'.

“Mascot pushed down kid runner” – Yah, I was shocked too! It was one of those race the mascot around the bases things, like we’ve all seen before… but this was nuts. Stinger pushed the kid from behind and the kid (after his head whipped back) fell forward onto his hands and knees and then rolled a bit. Heather then had the kids back by jumping on Stinger and doing some fake punches. All of this didn’t strike me as very friendly. *shrug* I’ve seen where the mascot suddenly finds a blade of grass extremely interesting and loses the race. I’ve seen where the mascot is put in a bear hug by the third base coach and loses the race. I’ve seen lots of situations where the kid wins, but never one where the mascot pushes the kid down then gets the crap beat outta him. LOL

“Light switch” – Our booth was quite popular with the news guys (we spoke highly of the GBL and of the Scorpions), Stinger and others. We didn’t mind, we’re people people after all, but when Stinger came in with his human and Little Stinger to cool off, get a drink and take a breather in the smaller booth (they’re connected) he took his head off and it was kinda sorta possible for the crowd to see him so Mary turned off the light in our booth. It magically turned back on. So she shut it off again. Then there was a quick rapping on our wall. The score keeper and announcer next door were in the dark, “Please don’t turn off the lights.” LOL!!! I dunno how many hoops will need to be jumped through, but if the lights can be put on separate controls, that’d be cool.

“Lots of give aways” – It seemed to us that there were a TON of crowd give aways. There was the hat on the way in (we never got ours *pouty face*) and Del Taco Frisbee’s with coupons just to name two. There were others, but there was also beer being ordered in the booth, so *shrug* you know how that goes.

“Staff accessible” (though with the beer and all, I spelled it “accessable” – One SUPER DUPER thing we noticed was that all the staff took time to chat up the fans. They were easy to pick out of a crowd and were constantly mixing it up with the patrons. Killer job on that guys!

“GM is fan friendly” – I guess I felt I needed to put this in twice. LOL, did I mention there was beer being ordered?

“Cotton candy cart” – HOW CUTE WAS THIS?? Seriously. There is this cart, probably a red wagon under it all, but it was made up like a circus tent kinda-sorta. It was adorable.

“Beer/soda guys” – I love that Yuma has folks with wheeled coolers going back and forth across the stadium selling hella cold drinks.

That’s the end of our notes…hopefully they’ll be helpful to someone.

We give our deepest thanks to the Commish, who’s idea it was, and all of the Yuma staff and fans for making it a great experience.

It was extra cool that Peanut was there with a bunch of other Armada fans. *waves*

After our family vacation to Las Vegas and our day trip up to St. George for a game (Aug 3) we are thinking about getting back out to Yuma for the Breast Cancer Awareness night (they’ll be wearing then auctioning off pink jersey’s and using pink bats as well). Sounds like MUCH fun.

Again, thanks to everyone for making it a great trip!

07-23-2007, 02:36 AM
That is what the GBL experience should be about! Yuma is one great town, despite what Peeeanuut says! I am happy to hear that Jason and his crew hooked you up nicely. I had a great night in Reno, despite not knowing anyone in the yard--things are looking up, I think...
If we can translate a few nights into a complete season...thisleague will really take off!
Look forward to meeting you next trip north!


07-23-2007, 04:45 PM
i was in Yuma supporting the Armada it sure was nice being there for the guys. I also enjoyed spending some money on beers and waters helping out the league something i can't do in Long Beach as long as Steve Bash is there i wish he would just leave so things can go back to being fun and i can enjoy my beer and beef brisquit sandwich.

07-23-2007, 05:39 PM
I had a great time at the game in Yuma. I just dont like the town. its not bad, it doesnt stink or anything, there just isnt anything to do. All of their offerings that are out of the ordinary, you have to leave town for. By the time we got out of the game the only thing opened was the Applebee's or the other Applebee's. I had a tough time deciding. Eventually we decided on the Applebee's by our hotel. The hotel wasnt that bad either. We had a little kitchenette and a large bathroom. It was also good buying some beers and having a good time again. Their mascot was playing around with us a bit and we shared some jokes with the batboy on the visitor side.

I also want to say that I liked the guys walking around with the coolers. They did that in St George as well and that was very refreshing to see. I saw the cotton candy cart and that was pretty cool. I know there wouldnt be room for that at LB as the main path in Yuma is much larger, the walking around vendors are very doable.

The only thing I didnt like is only doing the promotions on the one side of the stadium. Either they had the dancing behind the home plate or everything else on the 3rd base side. I did like that they got John Warden in on the frisbee throwing. That was cool.

07-23-2007, 05:46 PM
The only thing I didnt like is only doing the promotions on the one side of the stadium. Either they had the dancing behind the home plate or everything else on the 3rd base side. I did like that they got John Warden in on the frisbee throwing. That was cool.

My guess about the on-field stuff is that it's only a matter of accessibility and ease. See, in San Diego we had nearly 100% of our on-field stuff on the visitors side. Not be cause we didn't like ourselves, because we thought highly of us, but because it was easier and faster to do it on the first base side.

Like I said, it's just a guess. *shrug*

07-24-2007, 02:58 AM
We went down to Yuma during the Winter League last year and had a blast....didn't need the cold luxury box as the temps were in the 60s and 70s at game time after a frigid first few days...the Yuma staff is well run and very helpful...got to know Glen and Heather and Jason and they made time for the fans even on the really busy nights...the way the Scorpions are playing we just might get down there for some playoffs at the end of August since I've got Labor Day weekend off.

Go Outlaws!

07-24-2007, 07:14 PM
It was so great meeting you all! Peeeeeanut I did not get the pleasure of meeting you but I do believe I threw you a Big Bob's stuffed parrot ;) :mrgreen: I'm smooth like that.

I really appreciate not onlly the kind words but also your thoughts and ideas on how we can make things better for ALL fans at Desert Sun Stadium.

One reason we do a lot of on-field promos on the 3rd base side is that's the home team side and where a majority of the fans sit. However I appreciate you bringing it to our attention peeaanut and I will work with Glenn to make sure we bring more attention to the "visitor's" side. The Long Beach Boys are always great about helping us out with promos or telling kids in them they did a great job. :)

peeaanut if you ever come back we'll talk and I'll let you know ALLLLL the places that are open by the time our games end so it's not Applebee's or Applebee's! I promise that we do have more than that! :D

Thanks again everyone for coming down and anytime you want to come back let us know and we'll get you set up!


07-25-2007, 11:35 AM
hey heather that little bird was fun. It is still sitting in my car. Unfortunately someone else destroyed on in my area who got one. At first I saw a lowly limb, than another and than a large pile of stuff. Not really a cool thing to do at the stadium.

That would be great to meet you and get the inside scoop on open food joints.

07-27-2007, 12:46 PM
What a horrific stuffed bird death....tragic