View Full Version : Pbl ?

07-17-2007, 04:13 AM
Will the PBL become a premier minor league in the US or this just another crock of $hit? We have all seen the the aapbl, the ubl, and many other leagues attempt to make a succesful intro, but many have not even made it to team training camps.

The board has been able to announce markets (states), but has not been able to tell you which cities they will be playing in (with a few exceptions).

They have made SLOW, but big, anouncements about the league, discussed teams leaving the ABA to join, have ex-NBA players as consultants of the league, have a CEO with lots of Potential, and have announced national tryouts at a much cheaper rate than all the other leagues ($25 WOW).

They have contacted many teams from the ABA (mostly expansion) in POTENTIAL markets, and have attempted to convert them.

They have also put together a great team consisting of the executive board, advisors, owners, and so on... but...

Will they be up and active on time?