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07-11-2007, 04:23 PM
It seems some times this forum gets a little negative. I must say that all of us are GBL fans or we would not care to voice our opinion about the league or our teams.
One thing I noticed when getting to this forum today under "Independent Baseball" the GBL blows the other Independent Baseball leagues away in regards to post...GBL 1109, ULB 444, FL 276, ATL 273 and so on until the league pulling up the tail is the AA with only 6 posts. I'm sure some of these leagues have other forums, but we have shown via our posts that we want to help this league be successful and prosper as the top Independent Baseball League...

07-11-2007, 04:43 PM
I whole heartedly agree. I would not get this fired up about a league that I had no interest in. I love the GBL and what it was originally based on. I think that the original premise of the league is gone and the heart and desire that started the league is gone. Money has become the drive of the league and baseball is maybe a distant second.

Silver Sox Fan
07-11-2007, 05:27 PM
I debated about posting in this thread since I know the league does listen to its fans. We have seen the changes (annonced at least) for Reno and we love our team. And I hate negative posts so I will endeavor to make this as constructive as possible. Take it for what it is worth as I have no silver bullet to answer everyone's concerns on this board.

My motive for posting on this board and making my blog is simple: I want pro baseball in our community and I want the team to be successful. I realize money is a driving factor but as many in independent ball will tell you, survival is success and breaking even is success. But, with my exactly zero years of baseball operations experience, I would also say that if you focus on the second part of that statement, the first will come, as will profitability.

You have to spend money (wisely) of course to increase attendance and brand loyalty so when the lean times come (and they will) you have a committed fan base than can continue to support you. I spend all day selling a tough product (Army ROTC to college kids) but I know that just because we don't see immediate prospects from the work, the goodwill we establish by pulling security at university games, giving speeches at Rotary, or marching in parades is money well spent because it shows we want to be part of the community and that makes people a little more interested in our product. You guys need to be part of the community in as big a way possible. And you need to do anything to get your product out there. Free T-Shirts, hats, whatever...and the website address once you get serious about keeping it current. You guys know better than I do that many don't come to the game to see the final score...they come for the feeling, the atmospere, the community spirit. In short, you have to work your butt off for a guy to buy a $7 ticket and $5 beer. Even if you don't see the results immediately, that doesn't mean it was time wasted. And so much can be done for free with the website, e-mail, and volunteers (as in the announced but not realized booster club) in getting the word out to as many people as possible. I have posted here before that adding three words to the logos would make a world of difference--"professional baseball club". There have to be other creative, cost effective ways to enhance the team images.

Maybe it means profitability is pushed off a couple of years but if you spend money wisely (as it seems Chico has done) with folks who have fully bought into bringing the best baseball experience possible to the fans (Chico and Yuma) I am sure the investors will understand when profitability is not there but attendance is way up, bigger name sponsors are interested, and folks are wearing the Silver Sox promo hat that has Silver Legacy emblazoned on the back.

Yet Reno, a town with approximately 350,000 people within 30 minutes of the stadium and 2 hours from the nearest baseball team (Sacramento River Cats) sold 606 tickets last night and average about 1K on the other nights. Are there really just 1,000 baseball fans here? Since we know there aren't, lets get them to the park, lets get them singing "Ole" by Bouncing Souls, and lets get them high fiving the other fans after a Kane Simmons monster bomb!

The shine of the league is over...no more folks coming for Rickey or to see what the GBL is all about. Now is time to deliver. Now is the time to make fans see that the league is willing to put a first class baseball experience on the field and in the stadium.

Having been an Orioles fan, I have seen Peter Angelos drive that once proud franchise into the ground. These last two years, he now has started to lose his core--season ticket holders, fans who have been with the team through thick and thin, etc. And this time, there is no Cal Ripken to keep them coming back as Angelos continues his money driven not experience driven style. How many fans have had it and won't be back until Angelos is gone?

The GBL needs to avoid that. Now is the time to lock in the repeat customers, not just the casual curious fan. How are fans greeted at the park, how long are concession lines, what giveaway or promotion is going on, and how good is the play on the field? Those things take money. But spending money wisely gets people to choose a GBL game over the movie theater the owners said you compete against. And more people means not only more ticket and concession revenue and more interest from sponsors. And fans who will support you when you need them...whether it be at the ticket booth on a blazing hot day or at city hall when you want the city to cut you a break or help finance stuff at the stadium.

Angelos and his millions in the bank can survive fan revolts as a result of poor management, poor player decisions, and broken promises...at least for now. The GBL won't be so fortunate. If even half the stuff I read on this board is true (not paying vendors, Steve Bash stuff, front office staff revolts, collecting money for season tickets when you know the team is already dead, etc), please fix it before it is too late. You have a "golden" opportunity.

Sorry, a little long but hopefully of value to someone.

07-11-2007, 06:11 PM
Awesome insight, Keith. These are the things I believe the OC owners are working on and towards. I for one, always appreciate what you have to say. I think all of us who come here to post or just to read feel the same way, we want the league to survive and our teams to thrive. No game tonight here in Fullerton... but the rest of you, go see a game or at least listen!

07-11-2007, 06:15 PM
Dont worry about the length, the content was excellent. Goodness knows I get on a rant every now and again. Fan retention this year has go to be way down as the fans are tired of the garbage that goes on. We are a minority that are speaking for the majority of baseball fans. I mean, have these people learned anything from the first two years of the league? I agree with you 100%, some things are easily taken care of, others (sponsors for giveaways) are harder. Fan retention should be priority one, most of the time-the ballpark experience is very good. So, they get any easy step up there. Once you leave the park, you expect to "help the hometeam"-not easily done if you cant follow stats, standing or scores. Much to their chagrin, we cant all make EVERY game so we are forced to try and use the tools that are/should be readily available.
How many times would you go to any website if you knew the information wasnt going to be there promptly? SS has said it all season for Reno, and here we are at the 1/2 way point in the season and no one cares. You cant tell me that EVERY team couldnt find an intern that would be able to update it a fter every game for 2-4 season tickets. Let them use their creativity and computer knowledge to help out and in exchange their families get to part of the festivities. This was when Momand Dad go to work and someone asks what they did last night, they can say "Silver Sox game"! This also keeps the fans who cannot make it to the game informed. What does this stroke of brilliance cost? A few phone calls, or internet post and having to give away a few seats in a relatively empty stadium. Then you can offer those same "customers" season seats for them to purchase next season and then you repeat the process the following season.

Gee...now that we have "fixed" the website issue--whats next?? LOL

I am a big baseball guy and feel fortunate to having minor league baseball close to me. I, along with most of you out there, just want this league to survive! What we are pointing out to the GBL brass is that there are things that are not acceptable the yway they stand. Again, why would not listen to the people who are acutally coming out to the games. We are at games and we are not morons, nor are we casual about our knowledge of the game either. I dont want to speak for all, but I would venture to guess that we have all been to MLB and minor league parks before and we have seen the way things should be run. Its common sense issues here for the most part---why dont they "get" it? We do.

Sorry guys, I just got rolling a bit.

07-11-2007, 06:16 PM
I do agree that the league listens, but only to an extent and when it will best fit their financial needs. But this season seems more about the quick buck instead of the long dollar. In the grand scheme of things, the long dollar is what is going to save the league. Positive fan loyalty is what will keep the league going.

I may have alot of negative posts on here, but that is only on here. I dont stand on the corner shouting the same things I say on here. I usually just keep my mouth shut at the games accept to certain people. I dont want to guide fans in the direction that I have been driven. If they go down that path than they got their on their own.

LB will be losing their core fan base really soon if Bash is still there next year. I have already spoken to a large group of fans that will not be at the park next year if Bash is still there. They are already refusing to buy anything from the team until Bash is gone. They are going to be letting their intentions out as to why they are doing it. It is not to hurt the team, it is to get rid of Bash and get someone that cares about baseball, the team and the fans.

A booster club is a great thing for the team to have. It can relieve some of the financial burden as well as garner additional fan support. But if the booster club gets no support from the front office, why would they be willing to do those things on top of just going to the game?

We raise over $100 a game (usually 2 or 300) in 50/50 and spend it all on the players and things for the clubhouse. Stuff the team would need to provide but dont have to because we do. Saves them money. But when the booster club ask for something small in return, like a meet and greet with the players, the front office ignores it and shoves the idea into the corner. Things like that dont garner good relations.

The Armada is probably the least active group in the community. I can guarantee that Bash does not attend a chamber of commerce meeting (which you dont have to be a member of to go) or any other community events. Concidering that I called the office 2 times today and of course he was not there. He rarely is ever at the office before gametime and on away games he seems to never be there.

If LB had someone that did all those things and made changes that are going on in Reno than everything would be alot better. But we are getting nothing changed in LB and things are sliding further and further downhill.

07-11-2007, 06:25 PM
Steve has been cleaning out the Ice Dogs offices and storerooms the last two days. Something he may be doing at Blair Field before the start of next season. No, I dont know the GBLs plans, that was a weak attempt at smack! He is, however, cleaning out the Arena!

07-11-2007, 06:35 PM
so that excuses 2 days. What about all the games he has not attended or meetings he hasnt attended or his complete lack of a response to fans? I understand he needs to do stuff for the ice dogs, but that is seperate from the Armada and if it is taking away from doing stuff for the Armada than I am not supportive of it at all.

Remember, Steve isnt some regular staffer, he is the freakin' GM. All his actions and effort should be put towards the Armada. Everything (Accept family) should come second.

07-11-2007, 10:35 PM
OFF TOPIC HERE...Silver Sox Fan, Angelos is a stinking toad. I eagerly await his death so I can find his grave and piss on it. He ran off the best announcer (Jon Miller) there is on radio, he destroyed what was once the best farm system in baseball, he made the concept "the Oriole Way" into a sad joke. And then, since he had not TOTALLY destroyed the fan base, he chased away no less than 25% of said fan base, the 25% that came from the District of Columbia and suburbs by his whining and moaning and doing everything in the book to keep the Nationals out of Washington. The ONLY thing that keeps the Orioles solvent now is MASN, and as soon as that gets into court on an anti-trust case, which it will, you can say hello to the Las Vegas or Monterrey Orioles.

I write all this vitriol very sadly. The first baseball game I ever attended was game 6 of the 79 World Series, in Baltimore, against Pittsburg. Growing up in DC in the 70s and 80s (I was too young to remember the Senators) I lived and died with the Orioles. Now, I couldn't give a rats @ss for them. I do not matter any more, I moved away. BUT, like me are hundreds of thousands more, DC area fans who would have HAPPILY rooted for BOTH the Nats and Orioles, but who now refuse to spend money on the Toad's team, and laugh at their failures. Add this on top of all the Baltimore fans who have also had enough, and you get a recipe for bankruptcy.

07-11-2007, 11:05 PM
We raise over $100 a game (usually 2 or 300) in 50/50 and spend it all on the players and things for the clubhouse. Stuff the team would need to provide but dont have to because we do. Saves them money. But when the booster club ask for something small in return, like a meet and greet with the players, the front office ignores it and shoves the idea into the corner. Things like that dont garner good relations.

Down here in San Diego with the Kennel Club we found that giving that giving the $$ right to the players (not buying stuff for the club) was plenty of motivation to get them to sign autographs or whatever.

We hijacked a table from the storage room, stole a GBL themed table cloth and begged concessions to give us two free waters. Then we'd harass Clubbie to get two of the rookies (or whomever) to come sign.

They didn't always like it at the time, but when it came time to hand out those white envelopes they sure were happy then. :)

07-12-2007, 09:00 AM
I couldn't agree more than with Silver Sox Fan Keith (post#3). I could not have said it better. I do not believe that SS Fan's philosophy about marketing/public relations/community relations could be any more on target! This also applies to expansion or "returning" (read Surf Dawgs) teams. If the boys are coming to town, we need to get the word out. There are plenty of us GBL die-hards who would volunteer time and energy to this effort if we knew that the league office was going to back us (especially with minimal financial/resource support). It's time to get the GBL word back in the streets.