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07-08-2007, 04:28 PM
:confused: I was amazed again last night when the Sox won with 5 errors commited. I tried to research to find when was the last game that Reno had NO ERRORS.. I was unable to find that game!! I will say my research is by hand only with old scorecards!...
I think we avergage about 3 a game!.I bet we go on a HUGE win streak when those errors stop!.

Silver Sox Fan
07-09-2007, 12:27 AM
You're right on the errors (2.46 per game). It is definitely a factor when you consider that the team has given up 45 unerarned runs as a result. The per game average is down so that is positive but it is the main reason Bergman is winless with a 3.13 ERA (he also gave up 13 unearned runs) and Johnson is winless (to many unearned runs after he leaves).

But, the new guys Les brought in are off the chart offensively which allows them to outslug their errors. I am not sure things will improve too much defensively but with Devoir and Nowlin gone that cuts down on the errors quite a bit. Now if we can get Mike Done to buckle down and Jose Rodriguez to quit throwing the ball into the outfield attempting to throw out the runners, life would be great for the Sox.

As far as the no errors, I too have not seen a game where that happened with this year's Reno squad.

07-09-2007, 01:22 AM
Hey Silver Sox Guys...

I remembered some early season games with Reno where they had great defense so I checked the boxscores....Silver Sox have been error free only three times this season....June 9th and 13th against Chico....won one and lost one of those....and June 16th in a loss to Yuma.

I'm am holding my breath and crossing whatever I can as we come down to the final 8 games of the first half with the Outlaws holding a 3 game lead over Long Beach....could use some Silver Sox help against the Armada when you play them in that two game series next week....but the four we play them right after will probably decide the first half pennant.