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Silver Sox Fan
06-23-2007, 12:10 PM
This is probably a comment for the commish but I thought I'd post it here to also get other responses.

Is anyone pleased with how their team covers player movement? I must admit I don't watch other team sites that closely but I would really like to see improvement on the Silver Sox or league websites in this area.

As an example, we have had a high level of player movement (even for an indy league) this year. We have had two retirements, 2 players injured and placed on the inactive list, one pitcher injured (Everritt) with no transaction, one OF picked up and released, and 3 pitchers acquired, one of whom was a starting pitcher for us last night.

First off, the website roster has not changed since the first week of the season so none of those changes except for the removal of Brian Keating have been made.

Second, there has not been a single press release noting this player movement with the exception of one which mentioned the retirement of Keating and the injuries to Sherrill and Johnson (but that also said the latter two would be back on JUN 18--of course they weren't and no update was given.)

Maybe it is too much to ask but it would be nice if there were press releases stating the following:

-- A guy is placed on inactive due to (insert what the injury is here) and is expected to be out (insert time here)

-- Today the team acquired (insert player names here) and they are from (insert pertinent background info here).

I make this point because not everyone looks at the transaction wire as I do and not everyone listens to the radio braodcasts. And to be honest, even with the latter, Ben is not very specific on what the injury to a guy is or how long he will be out when it happens. So, your average fan who may not do the above but just comes to games will be left wondering where did these guys I watched last night go? Dustin Hahn, our starting third baseman, is an example. I saw he retired on the waiver wire and then listened to the radio broadcast and Ben mentioned he retired but that was all he said.

Granted, I may be a little bit of a baseball nut and I also may be comparing apples to oranges but if A-Rod retired and all you knew was that you read that on a transactions page and the announcer just confirmed the retirement and said nothing else, that wouldn'y fly would it? If the Orioles bullpen was a mess (did I say "if"?) and they brought in three new pitchers, wouldn't some press release talking about their past achievements be in order? I'm not saying Hahn is A-Rod or that these new pitchers should be heralded as saviors--I am just making the point that there should be some coverage of player movement so people know who is on their team and can identify with them. Hall and Chikazawa are my daughters favorite players. If they disappreared in the middle of the night and she came to the next game she would wonder where they were. How would she be able to find that out?

Is our team website the only one that doesn't address this or is this a league wide issue? And does anyone else care about this or is it just me?

06-24-2007, 10:56 PM
There is absoutely no updating done on player transactions done on the LB site. I have to dig it out of the GBL main site which seems to be a few days old. I would love to see stories in regards to any player movement. Whether it be injury, trade or release. We may be the diehard fans, but our enthusiasm will help others enjoy the game. Give us diehards the info and we can spread it around with the blogs and talking to the people at the games.

Silver Sox Fan
06-25-2007, 01:15 AM
As an update, I sent an e-mail to the Silver Sox Asst GM requesting this as well. Not sure if it made a difference but yesterday the team sent out an e-mail detailing the player moves with all of the info I asked for. Hopefully this trend continues. It really helps with the image that this is a professional league.

06-26-2007, 01:01 AM
It's difficult to keep up with the players I travel to see and find out that they either are injured are with a different team. There have been many transactions in the Indy leagues this year with no information. I need to know and the fans want to know. It seems as though Keith has the right information on how to get the needed information.