View Full Version : Fun question for the night--what whould you do?

Silver Sox Fan
06-21-2007, 09:33 PM
OK, have fun with this...

If you had the financial backing to purchase one independent minor league baseball team (3-5M), would you:

a. Buy a GBL franchise? Why or why not. And if not, which indy league would you join?

b. Whould you want an expansion franchise or would you want to acquire a pre-existing team? If the latter, which one?

c. What three things would you change from the way the league currently does business and why?

d. What three promotions would you put in place at your new stadium to draw in fans? And, for the sake of comparison, it should be fairly financially realistic--not I'd bring in the Yankees to do an autograph session or I'd have Gwen Stefani sing the national anthem and then do a post game concert for free.

I'll post some responses tomorrow afternoon--I'm curious to hear what you folks think.

06-22-2007, 11:04 AM
Without a doubt, I would want to purchase the San Diego Surf Dawgs and bring them back home. The three things I would suggest in doing this is to continue a strong relationship between the GBL leadership team, while maintaining local ownership. I would also fllod the SD market with special offers for businesses and organization (to help offset the influence of the Padres). I would invite former Padre players to be on-going guests of the Dawgs. There are a handful of us who would do anything to being the Dawgs home!

06-22-2007, 01:02 PM
I would probably start a Northern LEague franchise somewhere in Indiana or Illinois, or maybe start a GBL Franchise in Flagstaff.

I would make the league higher quality and try to develop a solid fanbase that actually cheers for the team rather than just going to games because of the promotions, etc.

Silver Sox Fan
06-22-2007, 03:40 PM
Wow, some interesting responses. It is great how people still love the Surf Dawgs so much.

After reading, I think I'll answer my own questions as well. I really didn't think of this when I wrote the questions so this may ramble just a bit.

a. I would probably buy a GBL franchise. Other league have less travel, larger attendance, etc. but I like the GBL's geographic location and their selection of cities where they place franchises.

b. I would like an expansion team. It would be nice to start with a team and city with no history (at least GBL history) and build a fanbase there. You may be surprised that I didn't want to take my hometown Silver Sox but I am not sure of what will happen to the team when the Triple A comes. Sorry.

c. Three things I would change:

1. Have a policy that e-mails to teams will be answered within 5 business days during the season and within 15 business days during the off season (due to less staff). The commish has spoiled us by actually responding. Most teams, from what I read on this board and what friends in Reno have told me after writing to the Sox, don't respond to fan e-mails. When you solicit feedback on how a team is doing, there should at least be a courtesy e-mail, even if it says "thank you for the response. We can't answer all the e-mail we receive but we do read it all. Thank you for your feedback". Even if you put a dedicated staff member on it it would be worth it. Other businesses, congress, you name it do that. Make people feel like their feedback is actually being heard.

2. Treat the teams like a professional teams. What I am going to say will sound like I'm talking about MLB but look at even other indy leagues...add stat tracker, podcasts, interviews with managers using questions from the fans,etc...send out injury reports with details or maybe even work toward having a fantasy baseball league. Anything that hooks people more. The other leagues didn't put all that stuff up for their health. They did it to get (and keep) their fans involved.

3. Have a plan and communicate a plan to get out of college stadiums. Let the fans know the long range plan is to get a stadium, what is being done to do it, that talks are on-going, etc. Again, other leagues talk this stuff up years in advance. I'd take advantage of it too. Maybe the fans would even help by flooding city hall with letters saying they want a stadium (I know, keep dreaming). But I really think college stadiums were a good way to get off the ground but teams need their own stadiums or at least one where they are the primary tenant to be taken seriously.

d. Promotions

a. A three bobblehead set of 3 of the teams best players given out on three different nights. This markets the players, gets people to come to at least 3 games so they can get the whole set, and puts a face to the name since most fans can't even name the guys on their team (it still bugs me that Sox fans say to Victor Hall at bat "come on #1"...)

b. Team member for a day. Have a random drawing where fans get to do different tasks with the team...sit with the PA announcer and announce a batter, sit with the manager and dicuss the starting line-up, take BP, or work with the grounds crew. It costs nothing but fans would love it.

c. Charity Softball game with team vs. local dignitaries and celebrities with all money going to charity. I know some teams do this; I think they all should to make them more a part of the community.

Guess I got a little into it. If I ever come into an insane amount of money, I already know what I am going to do with it :)