View Full Version : A Modest Proposal

05-13-2007, 07:37 PM
I'm sure that everyone would prefer to read actual news, but I have an idea for the PBL that I would like to hear feedback on.
I think that in order to set itself apart from other minor league sports, but also from American sports in general, the PBL could consider incorporating the European idea of promotion/relegation.
My idea is for the PBL to become the highest division of the CBA. The CBA would be the umbrella for the 16-team PBL, comprised of the present CBA and PBL teams, and another division, say the ABC (American Basketball Conference). Ideally, there would be enough ABC teams that the play would be regional and travel would be primarily by bus. At the end of the year, the top two teams from the ABC would be promoted to the PBL for the following season, and the bottom two teams from the PBL would be relegated to the ABC.
Borrowing another idea from European soccer, there would be an end-of-the-year CBA championship for all PBL and ABC teams to participate in, patterned after the present NCAA tournament, with the added twist that a team set to be relegated could avoid relegation by reaching the final four and an ABC team that failed to earn promotion could be promoted by reaching the final four. Borrowing an idea from the present ABA, this could be a prize money tournament for a $1 million purse.
I know that this would be a long way off and there are a lot of logistical problems, but I think that it would be an exciting league and could challenge the NBA for viewers and fan support. I love basketball, but I think an 82-game regular season and two-and-a-half month playoffs is just too much.

05-28-2007, 11:07 AM
An 8-9 team league, with a proud history sullied by bankruptcy and contraction, adding a league that has never played a game and for whom officially we don't even know the total number of teams?

And the ABA gets ripped?