View Full Version : Joe Davis Stadium, Huntsville

05-08-2007, 03:01 PM
I recently read with interest the article written by Marc Viquez about Joe Davis Stadium in Huntsville, AL, home of the Huntsville Stars (AA-Brewers). It's a shame that Mr. Viquez attended a game very early in the spring when attendance is typically down at most minor league parks. By the time school is out the park will begin drawing crowds. It is not uncommon on special nights to draw from 5,000 to as many as 10,000. New field lighting was installed prior to the season and the major expansion project for the home clubhouse is unbelievably nice. Some improvements could be made to the stadium such as the mentioned indoor souvenir shop but most of us like the stadium the way it is. The seating is excellent with no bad seat in the house and the rows are steeper allowing more fans to sit closer to the field. The average fan is not concerned with how many sky boxes there are as few have the ability to use those facilities. A new entrance? Might be nice to have it upgraded but not with money that could be used elsewhere inside. Chattanooga's stadium is nice but, like Joe Davis, you have to leave the view of the field behind to get concessions and the clubhouses are in right field. There are trade offs with every park built but I like what we have in Huntsville.