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Silver Sox Fan
04-04-2007, 09:57 AM
With a long schedule (even 76 games is long), promotions do a lot to bring people out to see baseball games. That is something I hope all teams will take a lesson from Chico on. Again, not sure how big the budget is for each team's GM to spend on promotions but Chico got the best bang for their buck while providing items that are sure to spur interest in the team by providing free advertising:

Hats, Pennants, Posters, Baseballs, and T-Shirt Jerseys

plus a nod to the Chico Heat who, unlike the rest of the WBL, were very successful and had a very loyal fan base (as opposed to teams like our Reno Chukars and Blackjacks). Having a tribute night to them is sure to bring back some good memories and hopefully a slew of new fans.

I am looking forward to seeing other teams' promotions and also looking forward to a great year of indy baseball!

04-04-2007, 02:32 PM
We had the same efforts in San Diego as well and the Boosters Club did quite a bit to assist with name recognition. Unfortunately, San Diego is a very difficult market to conquer. There needs to be a big name exposure in order to get the draw here. Rickey Henderson was it the first season and then there was a large influx of recognition when Jose Canseco was thought to be with us.

Please keep in mind that Chico is a much different market than all of the others. Chico has always been able to draw crowds in pretty decent numbers. Dating back to the Heat days, when the WBL was in affect. I remember traveling up there with the Sonoma County Crushers and Long Beach Breakers. The Heat drew pretty good crowds, regardless of how small or large the marketing efforts.

I'd keep an eye on the Orange County Flyers, to see how the merger unfolds and manifests itself in their marketing strategy. I've noticed a lot of movement and involvement in local events, which helps with their name recognition. It will be interesting to see how it all pays off in fan base numbers.

Now, if I could JUST find a way to win a roster spot... :rolleyes:


Silver Sox Fan
04-04-2007, 03:00 PM
Great points Monty. San Diego and Fullerton (and probably Long Beach) are hard markets because there is not only a saturation of things to do but there is also an overabundance of sports options.

Chico (and Reno for that matter) will thrive if marketed right. Both are former WBL towns and both have lots of fans who are geographically seperated from other sports options. That being said, Chico was a good WBL town while Reno wasn't and both towns have to deal with that legacy.

In either event, good promotions bring people out and great action on the field will bring them back. As sad as it may sound, without good promotions people won't even get to the latter part of that equation.

In Reno we still deal with a lot of the WBL legacy and failed pursuit of a PCL team legacy that is hard to overcome. In the end though, hopefully the Sox prove the sketics wrong and win over at least enough people to fill Peccole on a nightly basis.

04-05-2007, 10:05 AM
I definitely agree, with one exception. There needs to be some bigger promotions, which will in affect draw a larger crowd. Tshirts, hats, and such definitely will not be a draw. However, promotions like well known Major Leaguers being in attendance willing to sign autographs, fireworks, local popular bands playing, Reno could do some kind of fabulous Vegas style show before or after the game, Orange County now has the famous House Wives fellow, etc. The only downside is that these things cost a bit more than a sponsored tshirt or hat.

In my opinion, this is where the boosters club comes in real handy. I remember the great efforts of our boosters club (and have heard of others) trying to raise marketing money though businesses, etc and then trying to do things to help out any way they could. These types of resources add value to each club and become a valuable assett to the GBL and the players, there by ensuring the success of their local teams. Of course, depending on the local market and its viability. I believe the only way that a minor league team could succeed here in San Diego is to have their own ballpark, which could be used and rented out during the off season to some of the local leagues for various functions & tournaments. I currently play in three different leagues locally and may even pick up a fourth, if I'm unsuccessful in making a roster somewhere this Summer.

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