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South Atlantic
04-26-2004, 06:46 AM
I am discouraged to find out the CBL has cancelled their season for the upcoming summer. I was looking forward to watching it personally and then forming an opinion.

And then to read that maybe the owner was too busy, even though we have been saying that for the last seven months led to the demise of the league. And then maybe he would look into 'hiring' a PR/Marketing person and that would be the trick. Unfortunately I dont think a PR guy would help. It wouldnt hurt by no means unless he/she were hired to help scam money from athletes but that isnt what would help.

If you are the owner of a league, you need to self own each team for the first two maybe even three years before you can sell/pawn off any teams to city leaders or businessmen. With that said, your initial investment would run $200,000-$500,000 depending on pay structure, housing structure, etc.

And I guess it could be considerably less if you low ended everything. What I mean by that is to play in middle school gyms, high school gyms, or a community center. Rent two houses and split players up into 5 even if it is a three bedroom house. There are many ways to low end everything. I dont recommend it but if it works then it works.

Lets go back to structure of the league. On this board people have criticized the CBL or John himself, whether it was constructive or not, on issues such as scamming money from athletes, misleading potential owners, crappy league, whatever. The biggest criticism was that of the structure. No information posted until March or early April, owners meetings that nobody knew of, etc. Like I said earlier, I wanted to watch games up close to form my opinion.

It was stated that Hickory could join the WBA. I have another rant on this league. We have a team in Raleigh and I have yet to read one thing on this team. (If I missed it, please let me know where it was in the archives). I called the Raleigh office and got no answer, during their 'work hours'. There website is full of bad grammar and mistakes yet my emails to them are unresponded to.

Then Saturday I read that the owner of the Rome Gladiators has already left because of promises unkept by league owners. Differences of how to operate the league. Rome was one of two teams who had constant newspaper clippings (the other is Elizabethtown, KY) and I felt both of these teams were on the right path. Now they are ownerless and the season is less than a week away. Where is the structure?

They were promoting the Black All-Star Game this past Saturday but have posted nothing on their website. We had players from the CIAA here out of Raleigh that went to it but they havent posted highlights or have I read about the turnout. I cant afford to fly everywhere to watch it live so keep the darn website updated. I check there website everyday and get really excited when they post a new newspaper article though I catch all clippings (usually from Rome and Elizabethtown) here on this site.

And in closing, I have had the pleasure of checking out the e-bay section of professional teams, because that is the place to sell teams these days, and even looking into the AABA site, although it currently sucks with graphics of a five year old and a site done by the same. The worse part is I want to help every player I coach get an overseas contract, I really do. But with limited minor leagues here in the US and these start-ups being so darn poor, its almost as if you should just tell them there dream is over, time to get a 9-5 job and be happy.

Sorry for the rant and rave, just a bad Monday morning.