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04-23-2004, 07:00 PM
Has anyone heard anything more about the Western Canadian League? I checked their website and nothing new on there. Apparently, it will open for the 2005 season with teams in B.C. and Alberta. However I think now with the Northern League taking away Edmonton and Calgary, the WCBL will have to broaden its base to Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. They wanted 4 in B.C. and 4 in Alberta, but without Edmonton and Calgary, there isn't 4 viable cities for pro ball there.

My ideas on where the teams could be:
British Columbia Division
Victoria - Royal Athletic Park - It seats 9,000 and was home to the CBL's Victoria Capitals.

Nanaimo - Serauxman Stadium - Not sure how many it seats but it is home to the BC College Baseball League's Malaspina University College Mariners.

Kelowna - Seems to me the capacity was around 3,000 but I'm not sure and it was home to the CBL's Kelowna Heat and is currently home to the Pacific International League's (NCAA Summer) Kelowna Falcons.

Coquitlam - Mundy Park - Not sure how many it seats but it is home to the NJCAA's Douglas College Royals.

Alberta/Saskatchewan Division
Lethbridge - Henderson Stadium - Home to the WMBL's (Summer College) Lethbridge Bulls and the Prairie Baseball Academy Junior Varsity Dawgs. It seats over 3,000 people and would be a perfect facility for the league.

Medicine Hat - Athletic Park - It is currently home to the WMBL's Medicine Hat Mavericks and seats 3,000 people.

Saskatoon - Cairns Field - It seats 4,000 and is home to the WMBL's Saskatoon Yellow Jackets.

Regina - Currie Field - It is home to Regina High School baseball as well as other minor baseball leagues in Regina and seats around 1,000 people.

That's my take on where the league should target, but those are my takes on it and yes I realize that each has had a defunct team in the past:
Victoria: Victoria Capitals - CBL
Kelowna: Kelowna Heat - CBL
Lethbridge: Lethbridge Expos/Black Diamonds etc. - Pioneer League
Medicine Hat: Medicine Hat Blue Jays - Pioneer League
Saskatoon: Saskatoon Riot/Smoking Guns/Stallions - Prairie League/NCL, Saskatoon Legends - CBL
Regina: Regina Cyclones - NCL/Prairie League

Coquitlam and Nanaimo are the only ones who are scott free unless you want to count the ill-fated Nanaimo Navigators of the postponed-2003 CBL season.

05-09-2004, 07:41 PM
Haven't heard anything about WCBL lately but I hope it comes through!! I agree with your teams, except I am thinking Kamloops instead of Coquitlam. And possibly Moose Jaw in their some how. I know it is little faw east, but possibly Brandon, with Calgary and Edmonton getting Northern League teams, league needs to look at these small markets.

05-12-2004, 02:44 AM
Definitely, I miss having pro baseball here in Saskatoon. I think I am probably one of like five fans in town though that do. Guess the Yellow Jackets of the WMBL will have to suffice this summer. I have never checked out their product, but I suspect it can't be too bad considering some of their players have actually gone on to play in the minors.

06-14-2004, 06:50 PM
I'm a Dawgs season ticket holder in Calgary, and the calibre is no worse than you would find in Rookie ball. Usually a little higher, though it varies by team. Calgary is miles ahead of the rest of the league, it seems.

As far as the WCBL goes, I would bet it is a dead issue.

I emailed Alex Klenman a few days ago, and am waiting for a response - if any comes - but, facing the reality that Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton are all out, I cannot see this league flying in the smaller markets.