View Full Version : Braves move a killer for Central League?

04-04-2004, 03:21 AM
The Central League has some problems with teams shifting and cutting two teams for this season.
There are more problems in the sky for the league as the Greenville Braves will move to a brand new stadium in Jackson for 2005.
That doesn't sound too good for the future of the league as a whole, does it?

04-05-2004, 11:48 AM
I don't think it's bad at all. The league has had team changes year after year and survived them all. There is talk of Rio finding local ownership. There is strong talk of Abilene coming "back" on board in 2005 with the Colts & Cats playing 2 pre-season exhibitions there hosted by the Abilene Sports Alliance. THE ASA is the group wanting to place the Blue Sox in the league in '05. More talk about Brownsville, Reynosa and others interested in league teams. With the expansion to Florida this year they've moved further south. If Jackson loses out to the Braves moving into Pearl, they can move the franchise to Biloxi or elsewhere in Ole Miss. I think more towns in Louisiana are interested as well. There is also concern about Coastal Bend (Robstown) Aviators with the Ryan family putting the Express in Corpus next season. It'll be an interesting summer and fall off-season for usre but I don't see the CBL in major jeopardy. They started in 1994 with 8 teams and only Amarillo is still around. They played with as few as 6 teams in 96 and 97. If they were to lose JAX & CSB end of '04 there are still 6 strong franchises; add Abilene in '05 and maybe another team. Could have low as 6 or as many as 10 in 2005, from what I've read thus far. Nothing is certain in the minors, especially Indy's. But the Northern league made the border jump to Canada and that could lead the CBL south to Mexico or who knows.