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01-29-2007, 08:52 AM
Wow, the weather was incredible this past weekend! Sunday was a great day for a baseball game. Everything went smoothly leading up to the ball game.

Early work, watching the pitchers and catchers work with Les Lancaster in the pens, Garry Templeton giving hitting instructions, and then putting himself at the plate with a bat in hand hitting the ball where he called it (all except for 1 :eek: ). There was also decent attendance for Sundays game. I took a few from my family too.

I was able to take a couple of pitchers with me, in attempts to help out Garry's pitching staff trying to give them an additional day's rest. Joe Safkin and Brent Pourciau drove out with me on Sunday morning.

Joe started off rocky, not because he wasn't ready, but more to the fact that he needed some spikes and had not yet received them in the mail. He just moved to Los Angeles a little bit ago and was still in the transition of moving his stuff. In the second inning he borrowed some spikes and was able to get back on track. Kind of hard to find spikes, when you wear a size 13 shoe! Joe could have gone the whole game, he said, but did really settle in nicely.

Brent came in to relieve in the third inning. He struggled a bit, but had not picked up a baseball since the end of the season. His last two hitters, he started to get back up on top and let a few go. He smoked the last two batters. After the game, it was great listening to him and Garry talk about mechanics.

The real story? Me! I know selfish, isn't it?

Well, I pretty much screwed the pooch :( and I do not believe I have ever played as badly as I played this past weekend. :mad: My bat may have been decent, going 1 for 2, but I've spent SO much time hitting (3 to 5 days a week), that I have forgotten to work on my footwork behind the dish. I had two opportunities to throw runners out, one at second and the other at third, but failed to get the job done. All of the rest of the runners were half way to second before the ball was even half way to me. Pitchers are not focusing enough on keeping runners close or being quicker to the plate. In my opinion, I believe not being able to throw the runner out at third opened the game up for the Falcons and gave them momentum. My right foot went out from underneath me when I stood up to throw, but if I had stayed down my footing would have been solid (as noted by Ozzie Virgil), and I would have had a better opportunity at the put out. Yes, there were other mistakes in the field during the game, the walks and hits batman didn't help, and there were definitely some opportunities to take momentum back, but I take full responsibility for the loss. The Falcons pitcher shoved on us and kept our hitters off balance, I believe only allowing 4 or 5 hits, including a double by Will Henderson. Excuses aside, it came down to not enough hard work on my part!

So, have you made your plans yet for your trip out to see a game in the AWL?


01-29-2007, 04:37 PM
JD, thanks for sharing all of your experiences. I'm sorry about the foot work stuff, but I'm sure you'll bear down and get back to fighting speed. :)

01-29-2007, 08:03 PM
You're welcome! I hope sharing the experiences is some what entertaining. If not, I will gladly stop. :confused:

No worries about my foot work. Just exposed an issue that needs to be corrected in order to be successful. It also means I need to work my a$$ off this week to get a step ahead. Guess I'll be wearing ankle weights and doing drills all week long! :eek:

Talked with Blackie today, poking for information about some drills for this week. He's doing very well and just received his reporting information. He said they report the first week in March. I'm ecstatic for him, he's an awesome person and very genuine.

Hope to see you guys out there the weekend after next!