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suge night
12-20-2006, 10:52 AM
On last night I went to see the Flyers and Sioux Falls and the the leagues second leading points man Andre Brown to see if he was the real deal scouts have been following him for past few weeks he has averaged 28 per game,well he's not all of that and most of his 28 average seem to come from him putting the ball back up from tip's or rebounds when defenders are out of position he had no outside shot and couldn't put the ball on the floor,but the funny thing about this game was there was a high school before the Flyers game local high school powerhouse they lost the game and while the Flyers game was being played the crowd left in large numbers so while the team won no one wanted to stay and watch the game only a couple of hundred remained by game ends from what had been about 2000,the biggest crowd for the Flyers this season I had attended a game on last week when they came over the PA and announced a crowd of 1050 the truth was about 150 does anyone know what it will take to people to buy into this league as paying fans? the high school people came to see the high school game and left after it was done.

Ken, Steelheads fan
12-20-2006, 12:34 PM
...announced a crowd of 1050 the truth was about 150 does anyone know what it will take to people to buy into this league as paying fans? the high school people came to see the high school game and left after it was done.

It will take marketing similar to the marketing already being done for minor league baseball. Basketball needs to find sponsors willing and able to back expensive giveaways (i.e., blankets, hats, balls, software...). Fans love that kind of stuff. Minor league basketball also needs better venues--venues that allow the teams to lease luxury suites and party decks to corporate clients

The availability of beer and wine is a must. Of course (and as I've always said), the teams have to do a much better job marketing to SWF's.

12-21-2006, 06:46 PM
The Flyers should GIVE Cuban 51% ownership of the team and see if he can make anything out of it. Since they are losing money they don't have anything to loss other then 51% of their losses. The NBDL needs younger people in the decision making process. They have to find a way of generating some excitement. The current power brokers just don't have any fresh ideas. The D-league should focus on attracting locals that can't afford to attend NBA games, building new arenas with sky boxes does not make any sense to me. New arenas drive up cost that are passed on to consumers. They should keep ticket prices down ($5-10bucks or the same prices as a movie ticket, charge prices based on the date and the time of the game- play more weekday morning field trip games and 99cent beer weekday afternoon games, sell $20 family packages for early morning weekend games), generate more excitement, target groups that are currently ignored by the NBA, get funky uniforms, raise player salaries and loss the crappy name NBDL. They should play games at weird times to avoid competing with hockey, football, college basketball or NBA games.

suge night
12-22-2006, 11:45 AM
Very good point (bectond) some of those idea's could be very well done,you do one very strong point minor league teams of any sort should not use parts of the model the bigger leagues use one must remember without the TV money they get they would be in the same boat the little guys are in..

suge night
12-23-2006, 01:32 AM
Less than 100 at the Flyers game tonight Dec-22nd what's the league to do? even though they won big no one seen the game.....for a team at this level or should I say all the over hype of the league is......any thought's on how to get people in the seat's.

12-23-2006, 10:08 PM
It's gotta be difficult for a minor league team to attract fans if they're in or near a city that has an NBA team. If people have the money, which I'm sure a lot of people in Texas do (since the cost to live in a small house is nearly 4 to 5 times more there than it is here in North Dakota), they will attend the Mavericks game. It definitely is a shame that the Flyers hardly get any fans. They're the best team in the league right now and the only way they can really show their talent to people is if they go to Bakersfield, Sioux Falls, or Bismarck (teams that get anywhere between 2000-5000 in attendance on the average). They just need to do more advertising. Put up billboards, put a full page ad in the paper from time to time, get a good commercial on TV going, anything like that.