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12-18-2006, 02:35 PM
So I attended their second ever home game last Saturday, facing the San Diego Wildcats.

Given that the team is owned by a bunch of celebs with flush pockets, I was not surprised to walk in and see that they went all out in terms of putting on a true production. I've been to bad ABA venues (Carson Buzz), decent venues (So Cal Legends) and good venues (Beijing Aoshen). This was by far the most expensive, but something was missing.

The arena itself is very nice (Santa Monica City College), and they had individual VIP seating surrounding the floor...a la an NBA game. Unfortunately, there were only about 100 paying fans from what I could gather. They also had a DJ and a good sound system, but so did Aoshen (at least the sound system part) so I wasn't that impressed.

There were a couple celebs in the house (AJ Discala, Brady Anderson), but no one seemed to care. There were also lots of pretty hollywood (or hollywood wannabe) types in the house that were probably friends of the owners. The play of the night, and this typifies the chaos that is the ABA, was when Byron Russell (yes, Jordan's *****), entered the game 5 minutes into the second half. Apparently upset about something, he walked off the court in the middle of a play and just sat on the bench, while one of his teammates ran into the game w/o checking in and without the refs and even his own coaching staff noticing. He then walked into the dressing room never to be seen again. Maybe he was upset about not getting any touches (though I'm not sure what he expected...he basically stood in one spot the entire time w/ an "I'm too good to be here" grin on his face, rarely getting back on defense, not making any cuts on offense).

Overall, it was a good value for the show that was put on, but lacked the heart and somewhat intimate feel that I've experienced from past ABA games.

Sam Hill
12-18-2006, 04:24 PM
I thought Joe couldn't imagine anything but sellout crowds everywhere the Fame played?

Oh, that's right, Joe's an idiot.