View Full Version : Quick comparison CBA/NBDL/ABA

12-11-2006, 08:41 PM
The current statistical leaders in the CBA:

The current statistical leaders in the NBDL:

The only statistics that the ABA is concerned about:

Why should any reputable player choose to go to the ABA? If a fan, scout, team official or anyone else has to try to go through various team websites to find out how well a player is performing - and how many team sites will that person be forced to look at to find any real information? - how many players in the ABA will REALLY get a look?

The 'affordable, fan-friendly' mantra fails to show any real concern or consideration for the players. The 'new and improved' website debuted a month ago. A middle-school student could keep it updated and current better than the league has so far. Hell, there are middle-school league websites that are better organized and maintained.