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12-06-2006, 04:21 PM
This post is about.... Chris "tru baller" Young.... who is supposely better then Hotsauce who is knows as the best dribbler in the world and who many say is even a 10 times better basketball player then Rafer Alston who plays in the NBA. They say his 3 point shot can be hit 90% of the time while being face guarded and that he is unstoppable and 10 times better then when he was in college and his clips I have seen online show his range. It has been said that when he went head to head against Hot sauce he destroed him on tour. Not only that other then most street ball legends he actually was one of the best guards and shooters in all of NCAA D-1 when he played check this link out.


The guys resume is out of this world. I know hes signed to a street ball tour called dime55 in Canada that goes all over the north america and makes his own street ball tapes and sells them but his refusal to go Pro baffles me. A clear lock to go to the NBA but refuses to play anything but street ball , is he stupid or does he just believe street ball is the only ball for him ?

Heres another article I found with an interview from streetball.com


actual live footage of "truballer" was posted on youtube by people who have the videos i guess here is some of it , its unreal , 3 three point showcase comes in later in this first footage




Im gonna leave it at this , a deadly 3 point shooter who even displayed it at the start of his game coming out party at the NCAA D-1 level in College one of the best shooters in NCAA D-1 when he played who clearly got even better from long range as he got older, and to combine that with the best ball handler in the world.

I personally feel cheated in not being able to see him play in the Pro Leaques , if he has a beef with the NBA then fine but does anyone think he should get on with a minor leaque pro team or atleast have an owner try to get ahold of him to try to pursuade him into it ? I dont care if its the CBA, ABA, or IBL I just want to see this guy play , he is 27 years old now , cheating yourself is one thing but dont cheat the fans !



12-06-2006, 05:55 PM
WOW...Throroughly.................unimpressed. He's all trick, no substance. Take away his ability to carry the ball, travel, double-dribble, and I guarantee I would shut him down defensively. Plus, he gets no lift on his so-called jumper, so he ain't tall enough to get it off against anyone above 6ft. There is a reason he's playing streetball for a Canadian team...he's got no REAL game. In fact, most AND 1 players don't. Rafer is the Exception, and even he is barely a starter.

12-06-2006, 06:03 PM
to say he has no game other then street ball game is crazy, he was one of the best college guards in NCAA D-1 when he played not to mention possaibly the best 3 point shooter in his graduating class.

This is another article in which he had 27 points on senior night in college, and you could guard him ? LOL


I have never seen him live but people who have seen him in College and now say hes night and day better then he was in college and when you look at what he did in College at the NCAA D-1 level especially from 3 point range that speaks for itself. Dont compare him to Rafer Alston who has no jumper this guy clearly has a jumper that few can match, and he took on hotsauce and killed him one on one , I suppose you could beat hotsauce as well ?

This guy is a street ball legend give him his due credit.

12-06-2006, 06:17 PM
There is a long list of street ball and playground legends that would not/could not make their mark in the pros.

As people in NYC about Earl "the Goat" Manigault; a legend before And1 was a flicker in someone's eye:


If he has the game, he'll get a call. In this media-saturated age, there are no unknowns, and NBA teams are more than aware of those who can or can't play.

Whatever the reasons are that he isn't in the NBA, he is able to carve out his own niche and gain a cult following. You can dream, but my guess is if he isn't already in the NBA, there is a legit reason for it.

12-06-2006, 07:31 PM
I agree that many famous street ball legends have not been able to make there mark in the NBA despite there high profile "cult like" following which Chris Young AKA Tru Balla has , but unlike those in the past it has been documented on sevaeral occasions that he has been approached and has flat out declined deciding to stay with Dime55 which it turns out he has a hand in running, from what I have heard and read it seems like he doesent have much interest in the NBA but the talent is more then there.

This is a guy who hit 99 three pointers in NCAA D-1 as a junior in the sun belt conference and broke his school 3 point record, his ball handling and passing skills are un questionable , where every street ball legend fails is when it comes to shooting , so to have a street ball legend who is known as one of the best if not the best after taking out the most notablle best "houtsauce" and is a proven 3 point not good but excellent shooter , it would be unfair to say he couldnt play in the NBA , his handle is way better then Rafer Alston , his passing skills are way better and well Rafer doesent have a jump shot so I wont even get into how much better Chris Young is in that department.

The fact is of recent street ball legends this guy has the best outside shot show me a street ball legend of for that matter show me any college player who was on his level behind the arc , you may find a handful at best.

I just think its sad that hes closing in on 28 years old just as Rafer Alston was before people wanted to say hey lets give the guy a shot when the guy clearly is way ahead of Rafers Development and has been since he was in his teens ( 1st team all state in Florida in high school ) not exactly a easy state to get 1st team in. They have players who were 7th and 8th team all state Florida who are on D-1 full rides. This kid did not become good overnight.

read below........

SOUTH ALABAMA: One of the deadliest three-point shooters in school history…a preseason all-Sun Belt Conference nominee…projected starter at guard for his final season…only returnee to start all 28 games last season.

2002-03: Sun Belt Conference Newcomer of the Year…CollegeInsider.com All-JUCO Transfer Team… one of the top 3-point shooters in the Sun Belt and the nation…team's leading scorer at 15.9 points per game, seventh-best in the conference…established a new Jag record for threes made and attempted in a season last year (99-260)…ranked second in the league and eighth nationally in 3's made per game (3.5)…had a 19-point effort against North Texas and 28 vs. William Carey…had a string of 20 consecutive free throws come to an end at UNT Feb. 22…career-best eight boards vs. ULL…

SBC Player of the Week 12/23 after averaging 25 points per game in leading USA to a 1-1 week…tied a school record with 8 threes vs. Marist (12/22)…hit five or more three-pointers in a game 11 times this season…was 6-of-7 in the first half against Louisville and finished with a team-high 24 points…scored nine points in his debut vs. Southern, then bounced back with 10 straight games of 16 or more points before the string ended at UNO.

PRE-SOUTH ALABAMA: An honorable mention All-America selection at Daytona Beach Community College in Dayton Beach, Fla…a two-year starter who led the Falcons to a 47-17 record, including two state playoff appearances…Mid-Florida Conference Player of the Year in 2002…averaged 16.5 points per game each season…all-time record holder at Dayton for three-pointer made (208) and attempted (475)…hit 42 percent of his treys last season and 88 percent of his free throws…averaged 4.8 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.3 steals as a sophomore…a preseason All-American…listed as one of top eight JUCO shooting guards in the nation…named conference freshman of the year in 2001 after draining 11 three-pointers…top JUCO highlights were playing for DBCC coach Frank Burnell, having a second chance to play basketball and scoring a career-best 34 points vs. Central Florida CC.

HIGH SCHOOL: A four-year letterwinner at Port St. Lucie (Fla.) High School…all-state as a senior…three-time county player of the year…led Jaguars to a 30-4 record and a state final appearance as a senior…averaged 24 points his final year, 19.5 as a junior and 15.5 as a sophomore…biggest prep highlight was draining 11 three's on his way to a 41-point game.

*He has had offers from many teams he even talks about it but when asked the question interviews he shy's away from the topic and basically bad mouths organized pro hoops but he was an outstanding organized hoops player , if he would just drop his ego and take his top notch street ball skills tone them down and package them in with his long range shooting He could be "Allen Iverson but with better handle but with a Kobe Jumper"

Who knows maybe he wouldnt pan out .........but I for one would like to see him give it a shot just as Rafer Alston did and say what you want the facts dont lie the guy has more game then Rafer Alston.

12-06-2006, 08:34 PM
It's great that you are a fan, and that you hope he gets a chance.

But, the comparison to Rafer Alston is misguided. He isn't competing against Alston; rather, he needs to prove his worth against other NBA-caliber players - most of whom are far better than Alston.

Yes, he has a similar career path with Alston; but there are probably dozens of players with equal or more ability than many current NBA players but, due to circumstances, they are unable to get a look or the right team/situation.

You say he has had a number of chances, but turned them down. There must be a reason for him doing so. What those reasons are may never be known. But they are important enough to keep a basketball player from looking to get to the highest level in his sport.

As for outshooting "Hotsauce" - it isn't really relevant to his skill. Let him shoot 3s with NBA-level defenders in his face (Bowen, etc.). There are thousands of guys that can shoot free throws or uncontested 3s in around the worl contests. It's a far different thing to do it in a highly competitive NBA game.

(and I would discount the 'defense' played in most streetball games. Guys don't get selected for those tours because they can clamp down on a shooter outside the arc).

Let him enjoy his chosen basketball career. Besides, if he does indeed own part of the tour, he is getting a regular paycheck and making good $$.

Ask a bunch of ABA players how much they would love to know that there was a guaranteed check coming every two weeks...

12-06-2006, 08:50 PM
Well I will respect what ever he does , its just from a fans stand point I would like to see Him in the NBA or atleast actually make an attempt at it , I think its the fans missing out more then anything , yes it seems like he has a pretty good set up in the street ball industry with Dime55 and all the tours but dont we have an obligation to use our talents to the fullest ? What if Kobe decided he never wanted to go Pro , what if Iverson decided to leave the NBA for streetball tours , who would miss out the fans. I will respect Tru Ballers decision because he is the best street baller in the world so he is doing somethign right but when you look at what he did in college at high level you cant help but stop and think , did he choose the right path? Will he regret he didnt go for it like Rafer Alston did ?

What ever you decide , heres saying best wishes Christopher Young AKA Tru Baller

Sam Hill
12-06-2006, 11:04 PM
Dear Christopher Young, whoever you are:

Go ahead and live your life for yourself, not for me.

That is all. Good luck and Godspeed.