View Full Version : Southwestern League begins in 2005

the godfather
03-05-2004, 12:22 PM
SWL targets 2005
The Southwestern League of Professional Baseball Clubs announced today that their inaugural season will be 2005 instead of 2004. The problem arose when one of the stadiums could not be secured for the original start date of May 28th 2004.
"Due to only three stadiums being available we have decided to forgo the 2004 season." said T.K."Kim" Karabatsos, VP of the league. "We can't have three stadiums and play with a road team. The economics
of the small league require revenue from four cities. Three cities and a road team would break the budget." said Karabatsos.
The league will look to 2005 with the objective being six teams.
"With fifteen months before the start of the 2005 season there should be no problem with stadium contracts." said Bob Lipp President of the SWL. "This delay will insure not only a stable league but a
successful one as well" Bob Lipp said.
Bob Lipp can be reached at leagueoffice@swlbaseball.com and Kim Karabatsos at vp@swlbaseball.com.