View Full Version : No Frontier League in Mt. Clemens, MI

02-28-2004, 10:28 AM
It looks like the possibility of independent baseball in Southeast Michigan is dead at least for the near future. The Macomb Daily is reporting that the proposed 7,000 seat stadium in Downtown Mt. Clemens will not be built. It would have housed a Frontier League team. (Mt. Clemens is the "capital" of Macomb County).


This is the 3rd proposal for independent baseball in SE MI in the recent past to die a slow death. The first plan was to build on the Mt. Clemens High school football field, near downtown. The school board would not sell the property even though the high school would be able to use the stadium for their football games, a definite improvement over the condition of the field now. The second plan was to put it on the outskirts of the city. The nearest neighbor.. the County Jail. Of course the investors dried up when this was proposed. The latest plan was to build on the site of a Comfort Inn hotel right in Downtown. It probably would have happened if they hadn't elected a new mayor in November who was clearly anti-stadium. The outgoing mayor was in favor of it, as were the business owners Downtown.

The sad thing to me is that the same people who criticized the stadium as being an eyesore if the team failed are backing a casino in the city. There are already 3 casino's in Detroit and 1 across the river in Windsor, Ontario. It kinda shows me what kind of city Mt. Clemens wants to have. They turn their back on the American pasttime, but want a casino, something generally associated with crime and broken dreams. The competition for baseball dollars would be much less than for casino dollars.

The proposed area for the stadium is about as broken down as can be. The flea-bag hotel on the site is the true eyesore. In a letter to the editor printed in the Macomb Daily, an anti-stadium resident wrote that the logistics of a new stadium wouldn't work because of lack of parking, and then went on to complain that when the team failed the city would be stuck with the empty stadium (she obviously ignored the fact that the stadium was proposed to be used for far more than just baseball). Well, which is it? She would be unhappy if the team is sucessful (at the gate) and unhappy if it is unsucessful.

Now I hear that there is a possibility of a couple of teams in the Northern League coming by 2006. If they do, I hope it is outside of Mt. Clemens. They don't seem to be interested in putting in a little effort to try to improve theirselves.