View Full Version : Danbury Coyotes alive?

Dan K
06-17-2006, 09:12 AM
Ballpark Digest recently reported that certain individuals again want to bring a baseball team to Danbury, possibly in the Atlantic League. I reviewed my notes on the former attempts to bring a Northeast League team circa 2002-04.

Originally there was talk of the Savannah Sand Gnats (SALLY) relocating to Danbury, if the league approved (a big "if"). A new Danbury Northeast League team appeared ready to start in 2004 and after considering nicknames like the Danbury Dawgs, Danbury Dingoes and Connecticut Coyotes, the team was to be called the Danbury Coyotes. There was talk of Danbury becoming a relocated franchise instead of an expansion team with the Allentown Ambassadors talking about a move.

The ballpark plan fell through and so did the Danbury Coyotes.

06-17-2006, 01:33 PM
I've been following the Atlantic League since 1999 and I've never heard Danbury mentioned as a possible expansion team. I'm fairly certain that if the Northeast League didn't think Danbury was a viable location, it's definitely out of the running for an Atlantic League team. Let's face it, CT has never been a hotbed for any type of Professional Sports and I don't see that changing. The attendance numbers in Bridgeport have gone from acceptable (not great) to dismal over the past few years. You can't blame it on the Bluefish management either. They've always fielded an excellent team. They're always at or near the top in the league standings but near the bottom in attendance. No offense, but the owners are in it to make money and it seems you just can't make money anywhere in CT. It might be different if the Bluefish were playing to overflow crowds, but they're not, and very likely never will. You may be a rabid baseball fan but your neighbors apparently could care less.