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03-31-2012, 08:58 AM
ODP spreads the wealth so to say and has the biggest decision in moving players around their teams. Each team supposedly has a GM who picks players, but I personally think that ODP holds the highest authority when picking players for teams. (I'm kind of surprised that they haven't tore up the York Revolution now that they have had their shining time at winning back-to-back championships).

For example, for the SOMD Blue Crabs (though I'm sure you can find a multitude of examples from the other 4 teams they own):
York has:

James Shanks (great hitter, good outfielder)
Liu Rodriguez (not that big of a loss for SOMD)
former assistant coach Andy Etchebarren.

The Riversharks have:

Lloyd Turner (another not big of a loss).
I'm surprised ODP hasn't torn up their team considering they haven't won a Championship yet...

You may as well rename Lancaster the Lancaster Blue Crabs:

"Hail" Cesar Nicolas (great hitter, and 1st basemen)
Adam Godwin (one of those not that big of a losses)
Kody Kirkland (he had a great stint with the Crabs, but last year, not so well)
Coaching Staff:
Butch Hobson
Marty Janzen
Mia Del Hierro

Sugar Land Skeeters:

Octavio Martinez (ahh, Lopez is doing a great job as primary catcher now, so...)
Iggy Suarez (great player but didn't live up to his fullest in SOMD)
Ben Harrison (the loss of this guy will be felt this year on the Crabs)

Note: some of these losses are from years ago, but you get can get the drift.

There are probably a few people that I haven't mentioned. I'm sorry for going on a rant, but I just feel as if the ODP gets too involved with their teams. You don't see much player movement in independently owned clubs like Somerset or Long Island or even Bridgeport. They retain most of their players.

As for these ODP teams, for fans, it's like the luck of the draw as to whether they get a really good team this year or one that needs drastic improvement.

06-05-2012, 09:17 PM
There is much insight and truth to what you say.

I love the Atlantic League, what it represents, does and is. But I do not love the perception of overly centralized ownership, nor do I like the ways that centralization can manifest itself. Having more than half of an indy league owned by a single entity has the potential of calling the league's validity into question.

There's no question that the players are playing to win and advance no matter the uniform. But the ethicality of how those players wind up in those uniforms should never be questioned, or questionable. Centralized ownership makes it questionable. It cannot be a long-term solution.

06-15-2012, 04:25 PM
I'm not sure how to feel about it. I enjoy the Atlantic League and the product that is put on the field for all of the teams.

While, it doesn't look that great to have 5 of 8 (and at least 1 expansion team) under the ownership of one group, if that group displays a measure of stability that sometimes can be difficult, is that a reasonable trade off? With how limited capital seems to be, is better to have an relatively stable league with highly centralized ownership, or have ownership de-centralized and run the risk of having some of the same issues that are plaguing other leagues like the Can-Am league. (Only mentioned because of the proximity and have had teams jump from Atleantic to Can-Am in the past.)

The fact of the matter is that the seven of the eight teams in the league are owned by two entities. While ODP owns York, Lancaster, Camden, Southern Maryland and the new Sugar Land team and Boulton's group owns Long Island and Bridgeport, only Somerset is outside of that.

I guess the big worry I have is if something were to happen to either of those two groups, you've really put all of your eggs in that one basket. While ODP is showing stability and growth now, what about in five years? Ten years? Heck, with indy leagues... next year? I think that as long as ODP and Boulton remain stable and don't meddle too much with on-field affairs (Like if ODP decides to stack the deck with one team.) then it shouldn't matter so much.