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Devil Dawg
01-30-2012, 01:27 PM
Anyone want to take over the Mesquite Bandits team? If not, they will no longer exist.

Caballo Diablo
01-30-2012, 08:24 PM
This is impossible. We here at the forum have it on good authority that the Mesquite owner is fully funded and of high character. In fact we've been told he had two venues fighting for the privilege of housing his team. Heck, he plans on owning 3 LSFL teams and 1 AFL team. Saying it won't happen is just Blashpeme.

I can't seem to find all of these posts, it seems the author has deleted them. What the heck?

Oh wait, heres one;

"Hey Dawg, not smacking just asking. What happened?

nksports was skeptical and you got angry. Then you disrespect the forum and it's members over their discussion of past broken promises. You told us money WAS NOT a problem, a venue WAS NOT problem. So I'm just curious, what was the problem?

I'm gone for a while and the children run a muck! Ok first of all if you recall, I was the one that informed everyone that there would not be a team in Frisco due to a disagreement in terms with the arena. Don't know why everyone acted so shocked when the news broke publicly. Second, I told everyone that the team was deciding which city to play in and debunked the accusations that the team didn't have the money. Remember when I said M.B or G.B.? Well, I'm happy to report news that it was decided to choose M.B. A lease has been signed and the 7th team will be announced as soon as there is a team press conference first. I can't publicly expose any more because I caught heat from posting too much the last time (which is why the posts were deleted).

When it is finally officially announced, I'll accept your apologies.

You are nothing but a little worm to me. You and your tiny friends who think they knew everything but obviously didn't. I don't answer your questions. I tell you what I want to tell you and you read it. You have no life. If others have the right to post their opinions on here why shouldn't I have the right to share information. After all, I thought that was what this message board was about. Again I was wrong. It is only a place to spread gossip and rumors and insult people who have a different say on topics than you. You deserve each other. Have a nice life!

So we're children run a muck and just little worms to you. Several forum members tried to discuss reality and the history of the sport with you, but you just wanted to insult them. You puffed out your chest saying you knew the truth and it was going to be a successful owner and team. It looks like you were the one spreading rumors and not knowing what you were talking about.

Who did you catch heat from for pretending you knew the inside info? What does he have to say about the teams direction now? Will he still start the other 2 LSFL teams? Will he still own an AFL team in 2012 like you told us?

Or do you owe nksports (and the entire forum) an apology?

It does seem strange that you would start this thread.

01-30-2012, 10:59 PM
Darn. I had them on my "Dead Pool" (http://indoorfootballboard.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=indoorfootballdeadpool&action=display&thread=5428) picks. Now I have to pick another team.

Thanks for that post Caballo, saved me the trouble. :)

01-31-2012, 12:16 AM
Or do you owe nksports (and the entire forum) an apology?

I am owed nothing. However, players who spent money for a tryout that went down the drain, any sponsors who put down money and anyone who put down any money on ticket deposits are owed quite a bit.