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01-16-2012, 11:30 AM
Last weekend I went to a game in Anaheim...place I used to watch the So Cal Surf of Anaheim play --- had several customer service issues that the club did not seem to care about -- got there when gates opened -- with friend and her disabled brother -- place not ADA ready -- but is old and not expected to be --but ushers would not allow us to sit in seats for 40 minutes as they were working on other side of arena -- disability of brother had to do with standing -- then we bought the pucks to throw --closest to center wins- both announcer and saleslady told us that - when pucks thrown -- nobody won- (changed rules after they got our money) -- the announcer kept trying to get people to sign up to take trip to San Diego --announcement was made after cut off sign but they agreed to take us-- got to pick up point (after they got our money) but they were a no-show-- after about 10 phone calls we found out that they had moved up to the show time about 4 hours but never told us (I guess they had our money) (and our phone number) -thus they promised to give us our money back (still waiting for that to happen)

The game was good although the Bolts lost both to TJ and then to San Diego...but the administration was the worse of any I had ever seen (and that includes 10 ABA teams)...8-(