View Full Version : The Honorable Mr. Edwin F. Hale: Hall of Famer

11-16-2011, 06:44 PM
What a privilege it is to have read that the Honorable Mr. Edwin F. Hale was inducted into the first class of the USL/MISL Hall of Fame.


This is an honor whose time is long, long over due. If not for this man, there would be NO indoor soccer on the professional level, so much respect is owed to him.

In an OP-ED I wrote almost 2 years ago, I suggested that if indoor soccer had a Mount Rushmore, Mr. Hale along with the great Kenny Cooper, Steve Zungul and Earl Foreman should be present.


However much to my dismay, the first class of the USL/MISL Hall will only include Mr. Hale. There will be no Kenny Cooper. No Stan Stamenkovic. Not even Steve Zungul or Earl Foreman. Instead, we get Tatu and Kieth Tozer?????????????????? Yes they are worthy of the Hall, but not before the aforementioned MISL league bearers. No way, no how. Nevertheless, at least Mr. Hale did get in to highlight this inaugural class.

11-19-2011, 08:01 AM
Tatu and Tozer are/were like two of the biggest hotheads ever. Still, Tatu was a great player and Tozer has been in this sport many of years. They equally deserve the honor.