View Full Version : NYPL Teams on the move for 2012!!!

EHL Historian
08-27-2011, 05:12 PM
With the 2011 season winding down it is time to open a thread to start identifying potential moves for 2012!!!

Batavia...Are they staying or moving???

What other moves are being talked about???

08-28-2011, 01:12 PM
if batavia or anyone else moves where do they go ?

08-31-2011, 09:38 AM
According to Dan Krieger's Weekly Sports League and Franchise Report (http://www.oursportscentral.com/services/oscoriginals/),
the NYP has been considering Ottawa ONT, Elmira NY,
Phoenixville PA, and West Chester PA as possible destinations.
Teams that may look at moving include Batavia, Jamestown & Vermont.

08-31-2011, 02:58 PM
since we're into looking at markets that may nt have a pk why not look at metro detroit since them fightin phils might not like another minor league team nearby . as for ottawa or elmira arent those markets with big pk or been there done that

EHL Historian
08-31-2011, 06:19 PM
It was an idea that had general acceptance for the past few years.
Then the city rejected the concept of having a ball park.
That stadium is dead and will be for a few years.

09-01-2011, 07:35 AM
I know the stadium isn't even up to Indy League standards, but I'd love to see Johnstown get an NYP team.

Buffalo Super Fan
09-05-2011, 06:56 AM
Batavia and Jamestown are both near me in Buffalo and have been on the potential move list for years now. Batavia that is up to the Rochester Red Wings IL who own the Batavia team. And with Jamestown that is own by the Rich Family who owns the team I follow the Buffalo Bisons. The Rich Family at the time bought single a and double a teams because they were going to be potentially be the Buffalo Bisons farm teams if Buffalo got MLB expansion in 1993 that went to Denver and Miami.

If I was guessing and all it is basically is a guess that Batavia would mostly likely move first so the Rochester Red Wings can recover there loses in Batavia. Because the Rochester Red Wings are community owned team that make money but the Batavia single a team cuts into there profits. Batavia is just to small in my opinion to have single a affliated baseball anymore. Jamestown team is owned by the Rich Family who could cover the loses if they want I would guess because they are on the Forbes 500 list so there not hurting for money at like $2 billion dollars total net worth. Plus the Buffalo Bisons IL do well finacially better then the Rochester Red Wings IL by alot.

As for the choices many of you have listed the only real good choice as of today would be Ottawa, Ontario that was once home to IL triple a. In affliated baseball a ballpark has to meet MLB standards for MILB. That is why many cities end up in indy ball because the cities ballpark doesn't meet those standards set forth by MLB and MILB anymore for one reason or another and no new ballpark is on the way. Let's Go Buffalo

09-05-2011, 08:00 PM
Elmira would need a stadium. Dunn Field doesn't meet specs for MiLB. The Nassau County vote went down, or that would be a potential location.

09-06-2011, 12:32 PM
to nypl standards but im not sure they even want back in indy ball and isnt the ottawa pk too big ?

Buffalo Super Fan
09-12-2011, 11:40 PM
to nypl standards but im not sure they even want back in indy ball and isnt the ottawa pk too big ?

Ca in my opinion no the Ottawa Park isn't too big for NYPL. I will explain my point of view. Just me but a ballpark in the minors never can be too big. In Ottawa case it might be a good thing because with a larger then normal NYPL park Ottawa with a bigger park then the rest of the whole NYPL they can draw poorly a few nights but make up for some poor nights with potentially a good Canada Day July 1 crowd as a potential example like Buffalo in the US with July 4.

See if the park is to small Ottawa wouldn't have that opportunity. I realize alot see it the other way. Smaller ballpark supply and demand higher ticket prices etc in a smaller park but that is needed for the huge salaries of MLB but MILB that isn't neccessarily the case. With minor league it is better to have a bigger park if you can get it. But in most cases it is differcult for minor league teams to get that much public founding from the city there playing in basically teams taking what they can get a cheaper single deck stadium with no room for growth in my opinion.

In Buffalo where I live we have the largest ballpark in all of organization afflilate MILB minor league baseball Coke Cola Field. But the Buffalo Bisons IL got that because they were trying to get Buffalo a NL expansion team in MLB baseball before losing to Denver and Miami because there bigger television markets. Anyway I think it is great my Buffalo Bisons have a huge park because Buffalo can make up for lower early attended games in April and May when it is colder and also school is still in. By having larger then normal IL crowds in single decked minor league ballparks in the warmer July and August months with the bigger ballpark in Buffalo.

So I would rather have bigger if you can get it ballpark plus Coke Cola Field in Buffalo is used for other events because of it's size it is multi purpose for other things like concerts, pro wrestling, pro lacrosse and the Buffalo Wing Festival held. Band boxes single deck stadiums are limited to just baseball only and when teams fail the city taxpayers are left holding the bag in my opinion like in Atlantic City with the Atlantic City Surf Atlantic League as a example or the Ottawa Lynx IL in Ottawa. That is just my opinion on larger stadiums not all will agree which is fine but atleast my Buffalo Bisons IL are still in business for over 30 plus years making money.

But I grew up in the 1970's where stadiums where muti purpose and in my opinion better for the sports fans when it comes to cost of attending games compared to today because there are more seats and also for the taxpayers not having to build baseball and football stadiums only at a huge cost. Like I totally disagreed with what went on in Portland, Oregon last year becoming a MLS soccer stadium only with then PGE Park old Civic Stadium.

Basically not allowing Portland Beavers PCL baseball to be held there and basically ending the potential of a start up new football league being allowed like a Portland Storm WFL or Portland Breakers USFL situation again in Portland because the Portland Timbers MLS took away the multipurpose even though it was good enough for the Portland Timbers NASL and Portland Timbers USL teams which in my opinion if I lived in Portland would think is sad because Portland sold itself for MLS and didn't see what they had was the best way for potential new sports leagues but again I realize there is two sides to everything.

At the end of the day just my opinion that the sports fans and taxpayers of Portland, Oregon where the losers on that deal. But Portland fans like Pounder on this board would disagree with me which is fine. I realize there are two points of views and thoughts out there on this subject. But atleast Buffalo is open stadium wise for anything sporting down the road in case NFL no longer wants to stay in Buffalo due to economics because of our shrinking population in Buffalo we still have places like Coke Cola Field which could potentially host a new minor football league or even a CFL team or a NASL or USL Pro soccer team or whatever comes along that is started up in the future so I would never trade that potential for a single deck stadium or one sport only soccer specific stadium like what Portland did with giving away PGE Park mutiple purposes and the Portland Beavers PCL in the process. Let's Go Buffalo

Buffalo Super Fan
09-13-2011, 12:11 AM
Elmira would need a stadium. Dunn Field doesn't meet specs for MiLB. The Nassau County vote went down, or that would be a potential location.

In my opinion Nassau County is the new normal today. Taxpayers aren't going to fund in my opinion stadiums and arenas in this present economy like in the past. The private business sports owners are going to have to do it themselves with private funding in my opinion with other investors or teams that is why I am for if you are going to build something for it to be muti purpose double decked stadium for multiple uses not just for one team baseball. Also a Arena for the New York Islanders NHL was a part of that vote for that complex too I realize that. But now the New York Islanders NHL potential have moving to Quebec City written on them as soon as Quebec City builds there potential new arena we will see what happens. Let's Go Buffalo

Dan K
09-17-2011, 02:26 PM
I don't think the Rochester Red Wings actually own the Batavia team and the Batavia sale is not dependent on the Red Wings. The Red Wings agreed to operate the Muckdogs to keep the team alive until a sale does go through. When the sale is completed, the Red Wings will get 5% of the sale price for each year they operated the team. They completed a three-year contract (2008-10) and signed on for 2011. So if the team is sold this off-season, I guess Rochester would get 20% of the sale price. If it is not sold, they will operate Batavia for another season and increase their percentage.

09-19-2011, 07:10 AM
This is a topic I'm interested in. The Rockland Boulders (Can-Am) have a beautiful ballpark which, no disrespect to the Can-Am, is too nice for that level. It would be great to have an NYPL team there to rival HV, SI and BK...but it's about 40 miles from Yankee Stadium. So there are the silly territorial rights issues. What I've read recently is the Scranton Yanks may play in 2012 in Ottawa while renovations are being made to their stadium, to gauge local interest in the area. Then they will head back to Scranton for 2013, the Erie Seawolves in the Eastern League (AA) may move to Ottawa, and an NYPL team may move to Erie.

Toronto is really making a big push to be Canada's team. There's talk of a AAA team returning to Vancouver, BC and a lot of talk about a AA team in Ottawa. Maybe a NYPL team in Hamilton, ON?

I don't expect any movement in 2012. There was the talk of a team playing where the old New Jersey Cardinals played at the beginning of the year. That would be nice but now looking unlikely. The Jammers I believe just signed a five-year lease to stay in Jamestown. So that makes their move unlikely.

09-19-2011, 04:50 PM
it was cool when Welland, Hamilton and St. Catherines were all in the NYP and London in the EL. I'd love to see some teams back north of the border.