View Full Version : Another embarrassment for the Bears

zuma jay
08-13-2010, 06:15 PM
I read last week where Somerset players opted to dress in Somerset and then take a bus to Newark for the game...after the game, the players bused back to Somerset to shower and change.

Evidently, the A/C in Newark's visiting clubhouse was broken (during a period of 100 degree heat) and the toilets didn't work...

Sadly, the way things are going, the Bears will be a traveling team before the end of the season...

Boulton seems to have stabilized the situation in Bridgeport but it will take a miracle to do the same in Newark...

08-15-2010, 07:17 PM
Wow, I hadn't heard that but Revolution reporter Jim Seip reported that the league has fielded calls asking whether the Bears would not finish out the season, and he stated that the league has emphatically answered they would. A Bear season ticket holder with contact with the front office told me that they think the team will be around next year but not sure about after that, when there'll be a shift in the league.

The Newark market has more upside than Bridgeport but it's going to take time. Perhaps suspending operations rather than folding all together is an option.

08-18-2010, 02:54 PM
I believe there must be a few things that happen first.
1. Ownership must be stabilized and be committed to the team and the city. With ownership seemingly changing every year, that just adds uncertainty of the team staying around. I believe Frank Boulton is committed to keeping the team in Newark, so we'll see. Another problem is the constant rumors that the team is folding, moving, relocating, etc. I'm sure this turns fans away from supporting the Bears, if they feel the team is going to up and leave. Just look at the NJ Nets.
2. The team needs better coverage. I don't understand why the "Newark" Star Ledger doesn't cover the Bears. The Ledger is supposed to be Newark's newspapar, right? The paper needs to show more city pride, and cover the Bears as well as other happenings in Newark, instead of only focusing on negative stories.
3. The area around the Stadium needs more businesses, eateries, shops,etc. The area around the stadium isn't bad. There just isn't anything around there. A nice sports bar or a Dave and Busters near the stadium would be ideal.
4. Peoples' attitude towards Newark needs to change. I was born in Newark, and I get tired of hearing how "Newark USED to be a great city." Why can't it be great again? The NJ Devils seem to be doing better attendance-wise in Newark, and I think Bears baseball can work in Newark.
5. The State and the city both need to do a better job of promoting Newark as a destination. They seem unable or unwilling to do this. Cities are the lifeblood of any state, and as Newark goes, so does the rest of NJ.
As a fan of the Bears and the city of Newark, I hope the Newark Bears will be around for a while. And yes, I am a season ticketholder.
P.S it would also help if the team was playing better.