View Full Version : Mr. Al Kaline's Birthday

12-17-2009, 06:10 PM
To all the baseball fans out there(major or minor)I just wanted to make mention of a milestone of a former major league baseball player.Mr. Al Kaline will be celebrating his 75TH Birthday on December 19TH.Not many baseball fans really know much about Mr.Kaline,he was a low keyed ,quiet,kind of person.From my perspective thou,after following him thru his career(I was 15 years old when he retired) he could be considered as one of most talented and classiest sports person that we have seen in the past hundred years or so.He won the American League batting title at age twenty,beating out Ty Cobb by one day.Cobb's birthday Dec. 18TH was one day earlier than Kaline's.Its ironic in a way,the two most remembered persons in Detroit Tiger history(In my opinion)were born a day or apart.Enough said,good night ballball fans DK in WB,Mi