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09-27-2009, 06:35 PM
I was in downtown Newark, NJ this afternoon... where the Somerset Patriots beat the Newark Bears to advance to the ATL finals.

3 hr rain delay...and you would think nobody would be left at the ballpark...but, there were some vocal Bears fans and they were great.

I've been to a lot of minor league ballparks...and, the Newark Bears fans are the best in minor league baseball. Maybe not in terms of numbers...but, in terms of yelling at the games...there was more noise today among diehard Bears fans than I've heard when 8,000 show up in Lakewood or 5,000 show up in Trenton...

Great job by Bears management to keep the ballclub going...Rick Cerone would be proud to know how many folks love the Newark Bears

09-27-2009, 09:28 PM
Yeah, homes. I was there today too. Where were you sitting? I was right by the Bears dugout. I've become a big Bears fan. I've been to 15 this year. Man, you should've been at the game last night! Woo, what a game! Today were only the diehards out, especially with the rain. Unfortunately that's what the games have become, mostly diehards and few other fans. I'm sure management would happily trade it for the 5,000 casual fans in Somerset.

Any word on what's happening in AC? The good thing about hanging out with the diehards in Newark, you get all the scoops. I hear there's a group that really wants to put the stadium to use but it's probably going to be torn down.

10-15-2009, 05:42 PM
AC is in very bad shape economically...a lot of lay-offs at the casinos.

I don't see The Sandcastle being around much longer unless the Phillies locate their NY-Penn League club in AC and, that's not likely.

One idea that might work is to build a stadium on the Atlantic City Race Course property. The Surf might actually draw locals at that location.

I still can't understand how a club (Lakewood) an hour up the Parkway can draw over 400,000 year after year ... yet the Surf couldn't get 250,000.
Good move by Philadelphia though cause Ocean County is fast becoming Phillies country at the expense of the Mets.

The Atlantic League should consider Monmouth County...great demographics.