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08-15-2009, 12:46 PM
I've had it with this guy. If he was the leader of Al Queda, they would have all surrendered by now. He has no charisma, no leadership and an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. He's too good to mingle with the fans or even give them autographs. (He wants $25 an autograph)The Ducks will never win with this stiff. It's time to say goodbye. Let's see if we can try and salvage something from this season.

08-29-2009, 09:30 AM
The Ducks should be winning titles like the Somerset Patriots do...that's a management issue. Carter may not be great but I can't pin the blame on him.
The Ducks, with the biggest crowds in the Atlantic League, should be the kingpins.

My opinion? The Ducks should sign Butch Hobson at So Maryland to manage next season. The gentleman has been blackballed by MLB but he still loves the game and does a great job!

One of the reasons Carter and the Ducks aren't leading the division is cause of the tremendous effort put forth by Hobson to recruit and manage players this season.

09-03-2009, 01:02 AM
My major problem with Carter is his massive ego, his greed and the way he interacts (or fails to) with the fans. He is not the root of the problem on Long Island but one of the results. In all honesty it's the main owner who should be replaced. The Ducks have suffered from day one from his neglect. He has always been involved in at least two teams. At first it was Atlantic City, then it was Nashua, now it's Bridgeport. He put 99% of his effort into saving those failing franchises (not going a very good job of it either) and just forgot about the Ducks. For once I would like to have an owner who is concerned with one team and only one team. Maybe then Long Island will get the team they deserve. I don't need or expect to win every year but there's no reason why the Ducks can be as successful on the field as Somerset.
You're right about Hobson. He's the best.

09-28-2009, 12:33 PM
Hey, so with the Ducks one game away from the finals after being down 0-2, should they still get rid of Carter? Just because he didn't sign an autograph for you, that's not reason to can him. I go to a lot of Atlantic League games and I don't see Tim Raines or Sparky Lyle out there either. I imagine they're focusing on what they have to do. I don't think the Ducks are that talented a team, but they are one game away from the Finals. I think he's doing a good enough job.

With regards to Frank Boulton, I'm glad he's around. He was the only to step up and keep the Bluefish there. Otherwise it was gonna be a road team and no fan wants a road team. I'm sick of that. He's the CEO and the steps up to try and save failing franchises to keep the league competitive.

09-28-2009, 01:21 PM
I would be thrilled to be following a team that had a good person and baseball mind like Gary Carter.

In 1989 Gary was awarded the Roberto Clemente which proves that not only was he a great ball player but a great person. Gary has worked tirelessly to help find a cure for Leukemia.

09-30-2009, 05:38 PM
Yup! It's still time for Carter to go. You want a manager who makes you feel good. I want one who wins. There's no such thing as a lovable loser and losing gets old fast. I'm not impressed that they've been in the playoffs for 6 straight years either. They haven't made it past the first round for the past 5. Prior to their win on Saturday they had lost 10 playoff games in a row! For a team that has the fan support the Ducks have, that's a disgrace. To tell the truth, making the playoffs isn't that big a deal no matter how it's put. It's an 8 team league and 4 go to the playoffs every year. So what if they make it?
It's time the Ducks started doing something for their fans. Step one is to get rid of Carter. This SOB won't even sign a freebie autograph for a 10 year old kid. He wants that kid to fork over $25 before he'll even talk to him. If you say hello to him, he ignores you. Yeah, he's a great humanitarian. He has all the personality of a wet dishrag. In the Atlantic League selling the team to the fans is a major part of the manager's job. It's called public relations. Carter thinks he's too important to do that. Screw him.
As far as Boulton goes I'd trade him for Kalafer in a New York minute. His team is going for it's 5th Championship in 10 years. The Ducks are playing golf. If Boulton is so concerned with saving the Bluefish, let him sell the Ducks and put all of his time and effort into that. I want an owner whose only concern is putting a winner on the field on Long Island.
There's no reason for the Ducks' fans to subsidize a failing franchise in Connecticut. No professional sports team has ever flourished in the State of Connecticut. At this point it should be obvious to anyone with common sense that trying to save the Bluefish is a waste of time. I've been to Bridgeport numerous times. They've got a great little stadium, reasonable prices, good food and the team has always been competitive. They've won just as many Championships as the Ducks. You can't ask a team to do any more. There just aren't enough fans who care. Let them die.

10-01-2009, 12:17 AM
Wow, you sound more entitled than a lot of arrogant Yankee fans I know. So after managing just one season, one game from the Finals, tying run at the plate, they should still let him go? Who do you suggest they bring in? Maybe Joe Torre's available. Gary Carter did not strike out in the bottom of the ninth in game 5. Nor did he give up seven runs.

As the Can-Am League knows and as Major League Baseball is discovering and will soon enough feel with a vengeance, a successful league can't have failing franchises. I admire the effort to save the Bluefish. They'll be moving to Virginia after next season anyway.

You need to chill out. I'm bitter at the economic inequalities in Major League Baseball. I unfortunately have no power over it. The only thing within my control is I don't go to MLB games anymore. If you feel that strongly against Ducks management, perhaps you should consider that as well. It's easier and healthier to live without that anger.

10-01-2009, 12:18 AM
Gary Carter is great for the league

10-01-2009, 03:01 PM
Asking for more than one Championship in 10 years in an 8 team League is hardly a sense of entitlement, especially for a team that has received the kind of fan support the Ducks have gotten. It's long past the time for the team to reciprocate. The Yankee fans I know would have given up on this team a long time ago. They'd be wearing Somerset gear by now.
No, Carter didn't strike out and no, he didn't give up 7 runs. Butch Hobson outfoxed another Duck's manager. Carter did leave in the pitchers who gave up those runs and he was unable to motivate the hitters to at least swing at strikes. (That last pitch was a ball). How many called third strikes did you see in that game? They failed. He failed. Hobson beat us again.
Carter's only concern is what the League can do for him. He could care less about the Long Island fans and has no qualms about showing his contempt for them. Go ahead, try it. Approach him, tell him you're a Duck fan and try to get him to acknowledge that you're alive. You'll be lucky to get a grunt or a scowl. Gary Carter is too important to talk to you. My attitude might be different if at least the players respected him and put out 110%. They don't. They use any excuse they can to get out of here. Some of them would rather stay on the injured list for the whole season than to play for Carter. Ask Victor Rodriguez. Ask Preston Wilson. Think of it this way. There's a reason why no Major League team has pursued this Hall of Famer as either a Coach or a Manager. Ask yourself why Carter has been blackballed. The truth is something is seriously lacking and they know it.
I gave up my Season tickets last year. There were a number of reasons for that. There was obviously my frustration with the futility of the team on the field but there was also Management's total lack of consideration for the fans. They refuse to cancel and reschedule games because of lousy weather. If you've ever sat though a game in 45 degree weather in the rain, you know what I'm talking about. Why the Ducks refuse to cancel the game and reschedule it as a double header is beyond me. Other teams in the League do it. Why not the Ducks?
I still attend an occasional game but I now buy the tickets individually at the box office. (I make sure it's warm and no rain is in the forecast before I buy) Guess what? It's no problem any more. It used to be that just about every game was sold out well before game day. If you were lucky you might be able to get seats down by the foul pole. Now you can get primo seats right up until game time for any game, including playoffs. It looks like a lot of people have stopped buying ticket packages.
The next time you're at a game, look around the stands. There is a problem and it's growing. When the Ducks claim the attendance is over 6000, the place is half empty. The figures given for this year's playoffs were an absolute joke. They claimed over 4000 for each game. Even if every person there took up two seats, only 2000 were occupied. They're either lying about the tickets sold, people are disguising themselves as empty seats or an awful lot of people who bought tickets didn't bother to show up. If the latter is the cause, it won't be long before those people no longer bother to buy tickets either. Don't forget that empty seats don't buy food or souvenirs. That's a much bigger source of revenue than ticket sales.
I'm not even going to discuss their outrageous prices at the Concession Stands.
Please excuse the long winded response. It will be my last on this subject. I can understand the enthusiasm of a new fan like Cyclone but I've been here for 10 years. I've had it.

10-01-2009, 09:26 PM
Well, you obviously feel very strongly about it. Maybe you should say bye. Root for the Patriots. Although I must say you and your Yankee friends are not fans. You guys are called fair weather friends. Being a fan is like a marriage, you don't bail when things get rocky. Then when you finally win, it tastes that much sweeter.

Please spare me the "I admire your enthusiasm." I grew up a rabid Mets fan. There were a lot more dark days than sunny ones. And it sucked even more playing in the yankee's shadow. There were PR nightmares (spraying bleach into the crowd) but I stuck by them. That's what being a fan is all about.

So if you root for the Pats what do you do if they finish in last place next year?you can't blame Carter for the past ten years. He's been here on year. Btw butch hobson btwn Nashua and so maryland has won exactly the same amount of titles the Ducks have.

10-01-2009, 11:36 PM
I know I said I was done but the last post is worthy of a response. I'll try to limit it to the topics in the last post.

You were a Mets fan? Were you there in '62? I was. Losing sucks. It's even worse if the other team in town is the Yankees. I can remember as a 13 year old kid asking my Grandfather that year if the Mets would ever be the World Champions. He told me "Son, Man will walk on the moon before the Mets win a World Series". He hit it right on the head. Here's another prediction. Unless there is a major change in the Ducks' front office, Man will be back to the Moon before they win again.
Your statements show how little you know about the Atlantic League. There is no "next year" here. It's this year or nothing. There is no such thing as building on last year's success. Everything starts from scratch every Spring. The best players from last year are gone, hopefully to Organized Ball. That's the way it was intended from the beginning and that's the reason the Atlantic League attracts the talent it does. They certainly don't come here for the money. The very best players make a whopping $15K for the season. The manager at your local McDonalds makes a heck of a lot more than that. You also don't know much Atlantic League history. Take a look at Hobson's record against the Ducks when it counted. Check to see how many times his teams have knocked the Ducks out of the playoffs or prevented them from making it at all. The Ducks record against Hobson can best be described as dismal. He has outsmarted and outclassed them at almost every turn.
Since you made a point of it, no, I will not be rooting for Somerset next year. Unless the Ducks make major changes, I will not be rooting for anyone in the Atlantic League. I am not and never have been fair weather fan like your typical Yankee fan but like I said, losing sucks. I've had enough. I'd rather not root for anyone.

10-02-2009, 12:29 AM
Sorry about this Duck. Stop whining. It appears that there are about a half-dozen minor league baseball teams in your area, so if one team isn't doing it, maybe another will.
I've watched baseball in 30 weather and 115 weather, and while it's best watched in weather between 75 and 90, a bad day at the ballpark beats a a good day doing a lot of other things. And yes, these days, most teams will try to get a game in unless there is lightning in the vicinity. (I've been to a couple games called off when the tornado sirens went off). So Gary Carter won't be nice to you. See if the other manager will. (The key to getting most baseball players' attention usually involves blond hair and a nice figure.)
Sorry your team didn't win this year. Most minor league baseball fans couldn't even tell you the score of the game they were at. They want a cold brew. They want to see the bat race, the dot race, the kids racing around the bases and the mascot shooting the T-shirt, hot dog, whatever, out of the gun.
If you want to save some money, go to the local high school, American Legion, college or summer college league game. They'd appreciate your attendance. While you can't get a brew at those games, often you can see good baseball.

10-02-2009, 12:31 AM
Wow, I don't how you were able to deduce how much I know about the Atlantic League while I hardly mentioned about it, nor did I make any "build on it" comment. Granted I may not know as much about the Ducks' history as I'm a Bears fan. Dude, I follow minor league baseball, I know how much roster turnover there is. Now knowing that the rosters change so often, isn't it that more impressive that the Ducks are perennial contenders?

Whatever, dude, I don't even want to talk about this anymore. You do what you feel is best for you, my man. Don't live with that anger and stress. I don't need to convince you. You support who you want. I thought the Ducks had a hell of a series, being down 0-2 and coming back and nearly coming back in Game 5 too. I would think it would make a fan proud and sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other team. But obviously that doesn't work for you. So move on.

I live in Brooklyn. I have my Cyclones, while I support the Bears too. The Cyclones still have to be in the shadow of those f'ing Yankees. I hate those bastards. And they have one title to Yanks' five. But the fact that they have the word "Brooklyn" across their chest is what keeps bringing me back and I will always support them because of that.

10-02-2009, 12:41 AM
And I'd agree that you are very whiney. If you want perfect baseball weather all the time, move to Hawaii. You live in the Northeast, you know how erratic the weather is here. I feel very, very fortunate to live in an area where there is just so much baseball.

I think the issues you have run much deeper than the Ducks not winning the title this season.

Good luck to you...

10-02-2009, 01:45 AM
The first step in getting people to stop pissing on your head is to tell them you don't like it. You guys are going to smell like piss forever. Enjoy it. I'm going to the showers.