View Full Version : Good Camden/Newark Sunday crowds

06-01-2009, 07:45 PM
I managed to see parts of both games yesterday. Lancaster at Camden started at 1:05 PM and then I drove to the Den to catch the 4:05 Somerset at Newark game.

Interesting to be in downtown Camden and Newark on the same day...

Otherwise, I've been to quite a few Sunday games in both places and yesterday Camden and Newark had the biggest Sunday afternoon crowds that I've seen...announced was around 4,000 and I can confirm that the actual crowds according to my best guess were at least 3,500 plus...

Camden has an impressive ballpark with a great view of the Franklin Bridge and Philly. The Newark ballpark is a little bit better in terms of watching the game and Newark has a more vocal crowd. One thin I always like about the Newark crowds (no matter how small) is that Bears fans still believe in heckling the opposing team.