View Full Version : Maybe someone can HELP ?

05-27-2009, 09:31 AM
Hello to everyone .
First I would like to introduce myself , my name is Manny.I am new to this forum.
I need some info and maybe you guys can help me .
Anyways this is the thing I live in Florida I see that most open tryouts are for ages 16 - 23 I am 26 and will be 27 In June.If you know or hear of any tryouts with no age limit in Florida or in any other state please let me know .My speed from home to first base is 3.5 sec and working to get it in 3.2 or better. I am quick if you guys need a center fielder,leadoff man who can steal 50 or more bases in a season I am your man.If anyone has any info of any Indy or any league that has tryouts with no age limit please let me know.
Thanks to all in advance.Hope in hearing from someone soon.