View Full Version : NFL Europe's TV Sched released & its less than last yr

03-27-2005, 12:43 AM
nfleurope.com has this years schedule up. Last year, we wound up missing 5 games that they just decided not to televise. This year they have up'd the anty to 7. Only 2 games covered in the 1st 7 weeks, 1 on the NFL Network, 1 on Directv channel 704. Starting week 8, Fox picks up the 3rd game.

03-29-2005, 02:25 PM
State it for what it is. Fox decided to start their coverage of NFL Europe two weeks later than they did last year. Not a big deal. NFL Europe doesn't get good TV ratings so who can blame them. The league is legit though and if more people gave it a chance it would do better. More people should check it out because it is a whole lot more interesting than boring old baseball. The guys going over to Europe are fighting to make NFL rosters and want to get some playing time and exposure. Watch for two weeks and if you still don't like it, go back to watching boring 4 hour baseball games with 7 pitching changes on each side in basic meaningless April and May baseball games. The NFL Europe is worth your time even if you can only watch 24 games this season instead of 26 like last year. I don't think the reduction from 26 to 24 games is that big of deal.

04-03-2005, 05:24 PM
yea i know it isnt much of a reduction, but its still a reduction. All 30 NFLE games have been televised for as far back as I can remember, until last year. Its almost as if the NFL, after starting its NFL network, didn't have enough $ to cover all 30 games. I dont think thats the case since the NFL seemingly gets richer every year. Maybe we're spoiled....we expect to see all 30 games, I mean its only 7 games, how hard can it be to televise them? WOuldn't they rather fill programming hours on their network w/ actual live games instead of repeat programming, replays of old games & highlights of past super bowls? I guess I feel like if they take 7 games away, how many will we lose next year? WIll the league even survive?
who knows.