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03-06-2005, 08:39 PM
PLAYERS, if you are interested in getting your name out there in the professional basketball world, email me your resume/bio to mac2367@mwsc.edu. It will be put on www.geocities.com/cdey6148/sportsagent.html and be seen by potential sports agents and teams.

AGENTS, if you are in need of a player for your agency, check out www.geocities.com/cdey6148/sportsagent.html, under player page. If you would like to advertise your agency, email me your information to mac2367@mwsc.edu. Also on the website is a Team page, which will post team tryouts and teams that are in search of players. Check that out for your clients.

TEAMS, if you are going to have a tryout or just searching for that particular player that will take your team to the next level, email me your information to mac2367@mwsc.edu. There are also pages of available players, and sports agents.

My name is Matthew Canaday, and I am the maker of the website. I made this site so that players, agents, and teams can all be on teh same page and it creates more FREE exposure to the respective parties. This is FREE publicity for yourself, your agency, and/or your team. The only thing that I ask for in return is that if there is a connection between two of the parties, and it was because of my site, please notify of this. I want to know that my site is actually helping people, and it gets my name out there as I am eventually going to be a professional sports agent, and its always good to have your name out there in the sports world in a positive way. Thank you for reading this and good luck to you.

Matthew Canaday