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05-08-2008, 12:18 PM
The idea was good but it didn't get off the ground at least this season. Guess it is still WBA only for the south.
Here is what Mr. Jenkins sent via email when I requested the status of his league ...

For Immediate Release
Media contact:Duane Allen Jenkins

Ph:(770) 895-1671
May 2, 2008

www.usbaball.com <http://www.usbaball.com/>



Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A (May 2, 2008)--- The United States Basketball
Association, (USBA) announced it's plans for the leagues expansion in
the Southeastern United States. According to a league spokesperson. The
USBA will initiate it's inaugural season in 2009 with two divisions. The
name of the two divisions are the Appalachian and the Atlantic. The
Appalachian division will house the Chattanooga Royal, the Atlanta
Platinum, the Nashville Thunder, the Huntsville Storm, the Montgomery
Generals, the Augusta Raging River and the Birmingham Crusaders, the
Atlantic Division will consist of the Jacksonville
Admirals, the Charlotte Blue Wave, the Savannah Seahawks, the Richmond
Colonials the Norfolk Blaze, the Charleston Cadets and the Columbia

USBA's spokesman Duane Allen Jenkins states "We are extremely please
with the warm reception we have received from the cities, we selected
these venues to give each state equal representation in the USBA and as
we add additional teams and divisions we will place them evenly
throughout the country as to give all basketball fans an opportunity to
enjoy professional basketball." The USBA said it will own and operate
all franchises until they are transferred to their new owners.

The USBA conveyed " We now have our team sites and locations confirmed
and we are looking forward to our 2009 basketball season". The League
was originally scheduled to begin it's operation in 2008, however, ran
into problems finding home gymnasiums for all 14 teams. " We gratefully
found willing partners in the collegiate community, and we thank them
for welcoming us in from the cold " said Jenkins. Team schedules and
team host venue gymnasium site will be officially announced at a League
meeting on June 28, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Marriott Marquis
Hotel, a press conference is scheduled at that time. We invite the
public to our league meeting to greet the coaches, league sponsors and
league officials, refreshments will served to all our fans" Jenkins

The USBA was formed in July 2007 in response to the demise of the United
States Basketball League of Milford, Connecticut (USBL). Jenkins was
contracted by the USBL in September 2006 to develop a Southeast Division
of the USBL, and held the position of Southeast Franchise Director.
According to reports, Jenkins was signed to an exclusive agreement by Ed
Krinsky who then held the position of USBL Director of Operations. The
USBL started it's 22nd season in April 2007 with ten teams in two
divisions. It wasn't long after the start of the season that USBL league
President Daniel Meissenhimer III realized his league was in trouble.
The USBL made it's official announcement of the cancellation of the 2008
basketball season on Dec. 27, 2008.

The United States Basketball Association (USBA) is a mid spring thur
early summer professional developmental league that will showcase
players for the National Basketball Association (NBA), the NBADL ( the
NBA development league), the CBA and international professional leagues
from around the world. The USBA will accept eligible players from the
National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the age limit is 20
years old. The league is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Elite and
quality players will be eligible to enjoin further opportunities in the
NBA summer leagues and camps as well as receiving exposure to other
professional leagues at home and abroad.

05-08-2008, 06:55 PM
I'd love to see where they're going to play in Richmond. They can't afford the Coliseum. The University of Richmond Robins Center can't bring on more tenants due to traffic problems. VCU's Siegel Center and the Richmond schools' Arthur Ashe Center were both left holding the bag by the ABA.

And there's nowhere viable after that.

This ought to be good.

Dan K
05-10-2008, 07:40 PM
Looks like the proposed New World Pro Basketball League plans to wait until 2009 also.


05-11-2008, 08:50 PM
I honestly don't think either will get off the ground now. The NWPBL is a travel nightmare. No startup league can afford to be that scattered. If you look at the proposed team locations, you will see what I mean. USBA ... owner has money and the Southeast is ripe for a legit league, however, how long is he willing to sink money into a league that has so many host cities burned by the ABA, WBA, and USBL. :D

05-11-2008, 09:57 PM

The 2009 United States Basketball Association gymnasium sites and schedules are complete.

Lie, and lie.

We now have permanent arenas for all 14 USBA basketball teams.

Lie. NAME them. Or just one venue with a SIGNED LEASE. NO way 14 venues signed without it being public knowledge. These venues are public and any lease is public information.

Most people don't spell the word "or" with a zero, either. Or spell "sponsor" like "sponsosors" or "advertisers" like "advertisors," like on the "season ticket extravaganza" page. That reeks of lack of credibility.

Nice to still see them promoting that ILLEGAL raffle on that website.

With all that supposed money, you'd think they could afford spellcheck?

Tearing down the WBA doesn't make the USBA legitimate. Not one bit. That is so Jim Terry-esque.

The D-League couldn't nail down their last venue in their first season until 3 months until they started, and that was just 8 teams, yet this league has 14 venues that are already signed with a year to go. RIGHT...SURE...

"USBA" should be renamed "SCAM."

People who waste their money on this league will get what they deserve.

05-23-2008, 10:21 AM
How adorable. Duane Allen Jenkins just attempted to call me. That just made my day.

Free advice: Don't bother. You're not going to muzzle me. Everything I said is my opinion (based on facts), and in case you didn't hear I copied your website just in case you actually attempt legal action (when you apparently can't afford website registrations for all those teams you keep adding).

If you can't take legitimate criticism, get out of this business and stop trying to kid yourself, because you're not fooling any other regular on this board.

This is your only warning to stop trying to contact me, as it's boring, tiresome, and frankly harassment.

Love, (as you called me on the phone,)


05-24-2008, 03:35 AM
From what I heard today, I guess the warning wasn't heeded.

So injunct this:


Kinda hard to keep PUBLIC INFORMATION secret.

Pretty hilarious of your claim that this "wasn't any of their (Asheville City Council's) business."

Given Asheville was screwed over by the last indoor football team, I think it's very relevant as to issues of judgment.

You're barking up the wrong tree. My suggestion is let it go and stop lying to people on your website about how the "schedules are complete" and you have 12 gyms when you don't.